GP Xmas Calendar 2009 – Door 19 (Surprise Gifts For You)

Here’s an interesting experiment to do. As an end result, you should get some surprise gifts. Not from me… but from you.

If you are like me, you probably have tons of folders in your harddrive (you might even have 2-3 harddrives attached in your computer – I have one from my old machine and I never use it). Now… if you are more like me, then you also have a “documents” folders there. Stuff that you’ve written.

Now… go through some of those folders and let us know what you found.

For example, I had stored all sort of gems on my computer. I had specs for SekoRope (“Lunatic RPG” could be pretty good translation.) I couldn’t find the actual game exe files, but I remember coding a random adventure game many many years ago. The idea of the game was simple. In this game there was a random story generated – just 2-3 lines of text. Each part of the text (there was like 6 or so parts) was randomized. Location, mission, item, enemy, help, reward – all were random. For example, one mission could have been “In a dirty pub, you need to find a rusty broom that is guarded by a red dragon. A drunken sailor will help you in this, and you will be rewarded with a big cart if you accomplish the mission.”

Then the player could either accept or skip the mission. If you win, you get a reward and experience. If you lose, well, then you die. In that game I also had a “Grim Reaper” as an enemy. I programmed the enemy so that it’s Power was 1 in the beginning, but whenever you died and restarted the game, the power of Grim Reaper increased. So… ater 100 deaths the Grim Reaper as an enemy would be 101.

All sort of gems lying in my machine. In this Christmas, Santa can skip my place, as all I need is time to go through all the hidden treasures in the harddrive!

What about you – can you find anything lost/forgotten from your harddrive? If you have a game, please share it with us.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I don’t have computer game gems lying about, but I have tons of Pen and Paper RPG stuff.

    I just found my alien race that made some years back, The Taruthi. Complete with their own language and everything!
    They were a strange lipless, amphibian race that didn’t believe in violence, though they once did and it wasn’t pretty. Were highly advanced in technology, but didn’t know how to make flying things. So they built space elevators to the 4 moons of their planet instead. And jumpgates to travel between planets.

    They were supposed to be a part of a project of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman called Starshield so many years ago.
    Sadly, Starshield died a long time ago, so it’s just been laying dormant on my harddrive(s) since.

    Nice reunion there, and I’ve just gotten started on looking through all my RPG stuff that I have made during the years :)

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