Did The Indie Xmas Calendar Thingy Made You Sales?

I couldn’t resist blogging, and I’m going to ask around to see what sort of sales people got via Indie Xmas. I might also share some more stats later when I get back from my holiday trip (this is a scheduled post you know), but at least on 22th day there was like 65000+ pageviews and 8000+ unique visitors which is pretty nice.

In case you participated, please feel free to share some stats about traffic or sales if you got any. Naturally there was tons of games, so for individual games the stats might not be that big. Possibly some sales here and there I’d say. (Who knows).

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. These are the stats returned by my provider:

    day: visits

    12: 23
    13: 5
    16: 1
    19: 5
    20: 15
    21: 25
    22: 1
    24: 4
    25: 5
    29: 1

    Total: 85

    I’m not able to tell whether any of those visits turned into sales.

    Thanks once again for such a nice initiative :)

  2. I didn’t track traffic but got a sale on the day my door opened which isn’t too bad considering there were 3 other games on that day too. Made a sale since which may have been related, hard to tell.

    Anyway thanks Juuso. Maybe even more promotion next year would be cool!

  3. Just quickly: Over the two weeks shine it was on the site, I’ve had 112 visits; just over 20% of them converted into demo downloads; The one sale on the day my door opened *might* be attributable to IndieXmas.
    Also, there were two distinctive peaks in visitors. The day my door opened, I received 15 visitors, on the day Kotaku posted about it (basically a full week later) I received 64 visitors.
    All in all, not too bad for not having to do much at all ;)

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