Where You Go For Indie Games?

Indie Xmas site got me pondering about selling more indie games. I’ve been a BFG affiliate for quite a time now, but there’s not so many indie games. Well, there is… but they are kind of match-3 type of games. Or hidden object games. Most of them.

Semantics aside…

Where you go for Indie games?

Currently for me it’s Steam. Occasionally BFG (you can try dig some games from there too). And then I used to check Game Tunnel (which seems pretty much offlineish nowadays). And then there’s some places like D2D. And then some review sites like Indie Flux and many, many more. Manifesto and Kongregate used to be places to go… but not for me any more. Manifesto shut down and Kongregate is more like a Flash portal (nothing bad about that)

But where do you go when you really want to try & buy Indie games?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Also I hate Big Fish Games because their installer thingy they don’t warn you about when you try to play demos and it seemed REALLY spyware/adware-y last time I tried it. They could have changed I guess since they seem to have a lot more publicity now. But I still can’t trust them.

  2. Buy? :P kidding. I don’t buy so much now because I’m back into a subscription only MMO, but I used to buy on Steam. Nowdays if I want to play something new it’s back to Kongregate for me, though I do donate on there if something particularly tickles my fancy.

  3. Juuso, you also need to take into account that to make a good portal it takes a lot of work. And unless you are going to hire or work with someone, it might be too much for one person.
    Visit ModDB and look for Desura, if you havn’t already. What they have been doing seems pretty impressive.

  4. I actually look for fun indie games. In BFG it’s all match-3/hidden object genre. I’m not into that.

    In any big store they sell AAA games – rts, fps… and I’ve sort of seen those. This is the reason why I look for example strategy games from indies. I expect to see something innovative from these guys. Big AAA studios have many times focus on graphics…

    I guess one obvious problem with “indie games portal” is that most of the people don’t get it… nor look for “indie games”. They are into fun games. That’s true.

  5. There is Desura, it is a new indie and mod portal from ModDB. I think it’s still on beta stages though.
    I think you can make a portal that compete steam, mostly a portal that have a larger variety in the indie game “stock”. I think it’s not so trivial to get into steam.
    You would also need a rating system if you are to let almost anyone to put his/her game on your portal.
    But, I think Desura is already going to do something like that. So I am not sure if doing only that would give you the right edge in competition.
    Perhaps making a portal with reviews of games would make it more insteresting. Sort of like gametunnel that also allows you to buy games.

  6. I’m NEVER looking for INDIE games. This doesn’t make any sense for me. I’m looking for GREAT/FUN games and like 99.99% of the population I couldn’t care less if they are made by a single guy in its garage or by a team of hundreds. This is why, indie portals will never work as well as any other game portals. If you try to advertise your products as a product for a narrow niche, you will end-up having a narrow niche customer list. Games are games either they are good or not, that’s the only adjective the customer cares about.

  7. Ogga: Big Fish Games.

    I have been thinking “what I want to do next [after finishing Dead Wake]” and this xmas portal, and the “death” of other portals/sites like gametunnel and others mentioned simply got me pondering where to get games?

    And I’m like Oliver… for some reason I enjoy going shopping in Steam. It’s convenient and it’s just cool. I’m not sure how it would be possible to compete with Steam. Against BFG it’s simpler since there’s tons of hidden object games & match-3 games… but Steam. They have huge budgets and established audience and excellent system for purchasing & downloading games.

    And I would need to think if it’s fun – making a portal. No point doing something that wouldn’t be fun.

    It would need a catch. Something different & extraordinary to work.


  8. I usually visit playthisthing.com, indiegames.com, gamesetwatch.com & tigsource.com to see what’s new and get the games themselves from the developers’ sites.
    What is BFG?

  9. Steam. Sometimes from the company/developer themselves. But mostly Steam.

    For some reason I enjoy “going shopping” there. :)

  10. I have bought my last three indie games on Steam – I expect to continue doing that if nothing else comes along that works better.

  11. For me it’s pretty much the same. BFG and Steam. Also I find lots of games to try at Indiegamer forums. Gametunnel was my favourite before Rus left. There are still some nice articles there, but it has lost some of the old, indie, spirit. There is also http://www.indiegamemag.com, but some not very indie games there also. Other than that, I run over to some reviews in other magazines from time to time, but it’s very poor coverage.

    Indie games really deserve one ‘mothership’ portal where people can get informations, watch trailers, download demos, buy games, read and write about them. I hope that Xmas Calendar was good enough to make you think develop it to something bigger and not only Xmas related? :)

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