Target Audience: Me (Part 2/2)

I wanted to split this post into 2 parts, since I wanted to say a few words about the Dead Wake target audience. Which is “Me & community”. Dead Wake development started from the pretty original idea of seeing what would happen if I’d let players help design the game. I have made it clear that (1) there’s certain guidelines that are fixed (like, the game is about survival and no, there won’t be bazookas with 50 missiles for you to use running around the field naked.) (2) all player ideas are ideas that might get in the game or not get in the game and (3) that there’s frequent releases (every 2 months or so was the average so far).

I will most likely write more about how this arrangement has been working, but I want to bring out another thing about the target audience.

In this game, I did test other games and I started working on this game after playing flash game Last Stand. This is between you and me, but seriously: this game was something I really enjoyed and wanted to bring something similar in a 3D world. With unique touch. (Very briefly put, naturally there’s other factors too).

I like testing & playing Dead Wake – I feel that this game has target audience mainly “me”. Other players and testers have been giving tons of (good) ideas and I’ve managed to keep on working on a game that’s “for me”. It’s also for others, but I also like playing Dead Wake.

Getting feedback is essential, but so it’s also making sure that the stuff I do is fun – and that the stuff I do is the stuff I decide to do.

Otherwise it sounds like work, right?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I think he asks if the income from gameproducer is enough to sustaion yourself, or whether you have a paid job. i.e. with a salary and a boss. :)

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