Have You Created This Type Of “Hidden Object Game” That I’ve Made?

My email inbox is flooding.

I’m looking at my desktop. It’s flooding as well. I remember seeing something useful somewhere. I think there was a web camera somewhere here.

There’s tons of stuff waiting here. Well, unorganized stuff, but it makes the desktop looks junk. The piles have been here for some time now due move and other stuff. But now I’m going to do something about this.

(7 minutes later)

Alright. That didn’t take long and I can now actually see my desktop. Feeling great. (Also found the webcam)

Next step: unsubscribe from 90% of the newsletters I keep receiving. Right now I get too much spam and stuff that I’ve subscribed into and it turns my inbox in some sort of “hidden object game” where I need to figure out how to find useful stuff.

(22 minutes later)


That was a big thing. It was relatively fast just until I tried to figure out how to unsubscribe from the xbox.com newsletter. Well, they say in their newsletter that “you can modify your newsletter options from your account”. I go there. I see nothing about newsletter. Then I find a sub-section saying how to subscribe to newsletter.

But nothing about unsubscribe from the newsletter. Then I go bitching about this to one of my friends and googled (found quite interesting link, heh) about this but found nothing but trouble. Well, people having trouble unsubscribing from the gold account – nobody knew anything about mailing list.

Maybe it’s somewhere in very easy place but I couldn’t find it and I’m really close to doing an email rule that gets rid of those emails. If somebody knows how to unsubscribe form xbox.com mailing list, please let me know.

Anyway. This was perhaps the most awesomenest half an hour I spent I spent to become more productive next year.

Now, if only I’d know how to unsubscribe from all those pill emails, and my hidden object game would be totally solved…

Juuso Hietalahti