Announcing My Grandest Project So Far

I have been secretly collaborating with a new project that I want to announce now. Here’s some information:

  • Title: (To be decided later)
  • Genre: Action, Simulation, Family Gaming, Adventure (According to many comments…)
  • Players: 1+
  • ESRB Rating: RP (Rating Pending)
  • Release date: March 2010
  • Development team: me + wife

Key features:

  • Awesome physics
  • Sandbox mode
  • Ultra-realistic AI
  • Spectacular effects
  • Procedural sound effect creation

System requirements: Diapers. Patience. Time. Tons of other stuff.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Congratulations Juuso!
    Remember girls are always girls, no matter what they want to be or how you teach them. Well, the same applies to boys also.

  2. Congrats!

    In true Micro$oft form, I’m happy to inform you that our development team are in fact working on a competitor for your “product”, due to be released in February.

    That said I would think that there’s probably demand and a niche of its own for both “products” ;)

  3. @Iain: Awesomeness, congraz to you guys! And thanks.

    @Katherine: Thanks for the wise words. :)

  4. As for a rating, you need that “gaming experience may change with online play” disclaimer on here. Or something like that.

  5. Remember “non-toxic” does not mean “great for snacking”. Only helpful advice I’ve got. Grats!

    Also I was reading it like it was a game until I read the definite release date. Not that release dates are that accurate for this sort of thing usually. Hope your project doesn’t release too early…

  6. Many congrats Juuso!

    My wife and I are also hard at work in the final stages of our own little project release date scheduled for Feb 1st! :-D

    Good luck with your own adventure!


  7. @Russell: Yeh, publishers lay down the rules… but I’ll try to get some screenshots (or gameplay video) online at some point ;)

    @Ovogame: 3. Yaiks. :)

  8. Congrats! This is definitely a life changing project and I’ve got some experience in that genre as I’ve manage 3 of them :)


  9. Congratulations, Juuso and “team”! That’s a huge project to keep under wraps for so long. Your wife must have you under a very strong NDA! ;)

  10. @Brian: :)))

    @Jake & BoyScout: updated the blog post to reflect this… adventure it is… ;)

    @Scurvy: Thanks

    @Robert: Cool, so cool! :D

  11. Congratulations! Our first child is just over 2 months old — you’ve got a great adventure ahead of you.

  12. …oh, and it’s never too early to put a controller in their hands. My oldest (3) can already find her way around little big planet.
    Should be ready to be a play tester in 6 months.

  13. Ha! Congratulations! It will certainly be an adventure and hard work but also very rewarding. Good luck to you and your family to be.

  14. Sounds like a clone of a existing projects. “It’s like Quake + Diablo!” isn’t original, it’s BORING! I expected something better from an indie game producer like you, Juuso!

    Er, perhaps I should just say “congrats!” instead. ;)

  15. Hey awesome! Congrats to you both!

    You’re in for an exciting time indeed (I know I’ve got two of them :)

  16. @Ronin: quite possibly. It might take a while for this young apprentice to learn to code. Maybe first step should be learning Ook! (scroll down on that page to see syntax)…

    @Charlie: thanks!

  17. Congratulations!
    So a new gamer/game developer is coming to the world in the near future :D

  18. Congratulation Juuso. :)
    You should give him/her a lot of crayons to embrace his/her inner artist, so you could have a free artist in the future. :P

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