Long time ago in a far away Galaxy I got interested about the Battlestar Galactica board game and eventually bought it (40 eur). I liked it very much, and eventually bought the DVD boxes of the series (100+ eur). Then… I also ended up buying the Pegasus Expansion (another 40 eur).

Total cost: close to 200 eur.

The fact that I had couple of friends paying too helped… but it was quite interesting to note how all this worked. I got interested about the game, then I had to see the movies, then I bought more stuff for the game…

One guy put it this way (it was about a Tolkien based game):

I watch the movie, I want to play the game, I read one of the books I want to play the game, I play the game, I want to watch the movies, or read the books. if our game group continues in this vain we will never stop playing.

Brands. IPs.

Priceless in a long run.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yup build a catalogue. Many people who buy one of my match-2 “Bonus” games end up buying one or more of the other ones. It’s great :-)

  2. I have also cross bought with a lot of brands I found cool. A recent example was Mass Effect 1 for Xbox 360. After playing the game I bought the first printed novel. Later I also bought the second novel and the illustrated art book for the game. At the end of January I expect to buy Mass Effect 2 for Xbox 360.

    Lots of money if I add it all up…

    All worth it though! :)

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