Post Mortem of Year 2009 – Looking Back

Year 2009 is over – has been for a few days now – and to me this means taking a look back in time. In the upcoming post I’ll lay my plans for the future, but now it’s time to take a look at my own predictions for the year 2009 and see how they went.

Industry related 2009

  • I anticipated that Valve’s Steam would publish “program crafted for indies to publish their games”. While this didn’t exactly happen, nowadays they have the Indie Genre. I think they had this genre earlier… but at least they are getting more and more indie games in their distribution.
  • World of Diablo never happened. Maybe later…
  • Big Fish Games has acquired more developers but I think people like them. It’s good portal to go with. Right folks?
  • 89% DX9 support was quite close: about 92% was the figure in December 2009.
  • DX11 supported Crysis 2 has not been released yet… but I guess the devs have put some info out and this has been discussed.
  • Not sure if Windows 7 was delayed, but I think people actually liked it and went buying their products.
  • Alan Wake was not released, but it’s anticipated to arrive in summer. (Too bad they ditched the PC version. Oh well.)

This is actually pretty fun to do these random guesses educated observations and see how things go – I definitely recommend you to do the same.

Own goals 2009

  • Daily updated blog pretty much happened, and I like this way of updating the blog. One year I tried doing “longer posts” but it didn’t feel natural and updating the blog somehow was just not good. With smaller pieces… this is more fun. Trafficwise there’s room for more ;)
  • Dead Wake release did not happen (definitely not in first quarter of 2009 as planned). I’m slightly disappointed that I couldn’t manage to release the game yet, although I am happy that I attended IGF first time and although there has been many technical issues (surprisingly Dead Wake ranked worst in technical excellence, and best in visual arts) I’m getting there… It’s been a huge learning process and great fun to see the game shaping.
  • Prototyping: I did try some experimental gaming but felt that prototyping actually requires more time, thus it’s away from other development – and I stopped this.
  • Insiders press release service is in wide use and we have new different sparring program going on.

I’ll be doing another post about the plans for year 2010.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yeh, Steamworks was hyped at some point… but never knew what happened there in the end.

    Crysis is a tech demo… no point techdemoing old gfx stuff…

  2. I like BigFishGames.
    I don’t like that Crysis 2 is DX11 only. They are just resting on their fruits and doing no new development. If I was about to decide about CryTek games, I would say use OpenGL 3.2 only, it’s by far more advanced than DX11 and runs on Windows XP also. People who have even the slightest clue about computers won’t upgrade to Vista or 7. Haven’t seen 8 yet, which comes out in 2011.

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