Goals For Year 2010

For the year 2010, I have very simple goals.

Personal goals for the year 2010
1. Release Dead Wake
2. Learn how diapers function.

That’s it.

After I get these 2 successfully covered, I’ll set more goals, but for now – I’ll stick with these two.

Industry related thoughts for the year 2010
I have some thoughts about couple of things:

  • Spotify will either (1) leave this planet (go bankrupt, filled with juridical issues) or (2) become a huge, huge success that everybody love. I kind of feel that #1 is going to happen, but hope for the #2.
  • Every real game dev pro will tell people how “social games” and “farmville type of games” will be a huge thing and define there future and stuff. Some other people think differently… but can admit that there might be something going on. My guess is that there will be tons of spam in Facebook by the end of year. Maybe some devs actually make it and some good stuff will come out of this.

Both of these things will be shaping the digital distribution and the future of gaming, although I don’t know in which direction.

We’ll see.

Now I have Dead Wake to finish.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Marcin: Hah hah, very nicely put. I wish I had come up with that phrase ;)

    @Soren: We indeed have gold rush period now. Of course we don’t know if it’s fools gold or not..

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