How Much Contract Work You Do? (Poll)

Many (most) indie developers I know do some form of contract work (or part-time/full-time work outside gaming). Currently own game dev time ranges from 0-100% (averaging maybe to 50-75% of non-gaming work in the recent months).

Let’s see some votes:

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Everybody knows that “doing game dev” is not real work, so… I think you get what I mean by this poll. Simply “how much time you spend working on something else than your game (and get paid) compared to how much time you spend developing your games”.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Errr, i do contract game development. Does that still count? :)

    At the moment it’s roughly 75% contract work. I completed one iPhone project (51 Japanese Characters) and start another on Monday (tba).

    Every free minute i spend designing my own game idea.

    Last year i worked with friends on our own iPhone game over several months. It should be out soon as a launch title for Chillingo’s Crystal – it’s called “Black Hole”. Watch out for it, it’s really addictive (i guess every developer says that about their game). ;)

  2. I put 75% but to be fair it’s probably nearer 95%.
    I’ve been working on contract work to try and build up funds for years but of course that means you can’t work on your own project :-(

    It’s the Indie Development Catch 22!

    Currently attempting to outsource work on our games to other people but not sure how that’s going to work out :-/

  3. Been working on my game 99.99% of the time for the past 18 months. I also do a little web developement on the side(5 hour job every quarter).
    Living off savings and going down on an express elevator to Broke :-) unless my next game Prague can put the brakes on.

  4. We’re doing development at almost 100%. Just some small freelance jobs and living on our savings through the first project. But if the game doesn’t sell enough it’s going to be tough… So we better make a good game. :)

  5. I was working part time(3 days a week) at a real job, and developing my game at my spare time.
    The job didn’t generate enough income, so after I finished my game I started working full time. I still work on my games a a little bit.

  6. When I first went Indie I did contract work to bring in the bucks; it brought in most of the money and I didn’t spend long doing it. One day I was finally able to tell all my clients that I don’t do that work any more as I was full-time Indie game dev! Then later I did game-dev contract work as an Indie, then became an employee at BFG … and the story is no doubt not yet over.

  7. I’m 100% into game dev. But it’s the second month without a “real” job. Hope that my vote does not distort this poll :|

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