How Much Contract Work You Do? (Poll)

Many (most) indie developers I know do some form of contract work (or part-time/full-time work outside gaming). Currently own game dev time ranges from 0-100% (averaging maybe to 50-75% of non-gaming work in the recent months).

Let’s see some votes:

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Everybody knows that “doing game dev” is not real work, so… I think you get what I mean by this poll. Simply “how much time you spend working on something else than your game (and get paid) compared to how much time you spend developing your games”.

9 thoughts on “How Much Contract Work You Do? (Poll)

  1. Errr, i do contract game development. Does that still count? :)

    At the moment it’s roughly 75% contract work. I completed one iPhone project (51 Japanese Characters) and start another on Monday (tba).

    Every free minute i spend designing my own game idea.

    Last year i worked with friends on our own iPhone game over several months. It should be out soon as a launch title for Chillingo’s Crystal – it’s called “Black Hole”. Watch out for it, it’s really addictive (i guess every developer says that about their game). ;)

  2. I put 75% but to be fair it’s probably nearer 95%.
    I’ve been working on contract work to try and build up funds for years but of course that means you can’t work on your own project :-(

    It’s the Indie Development Catch 22!

    Currently attempting to outsource work on our games to other people but not sure how that’s going to work out :-/

  3. Been working on my game 99.99% of the time for the past 18 months. I also do a little web developement on the side(5 hour job every quarter).
    Living off savings and going down on an express elevator to Broke :-) unless my next game Prague can put the brakes on.

  4. We’re doing development at almost 100%. Just some small freelance jobs and living on our savings through the first project. But if the game doesn’t sell enough it’s going to be tough… So we better make a good game. :)

  5. I was working part time(3 days a week) at a real job, and developing my game at my spare time.
    The job didn’t generate enough income, so after I finished my game I started working full time. I still work on my games a a little bit.

  6. When I first went Indie I did contract work to bring in the bucks; it brought in most of the money and I didn’t spend long doing it. One day I was finally able to tell all my clients that I don’t do that work any more as I was full-time Indie game dev! Then later I did game-dev contract work as an Indie, then became an employee at BFG … and the story is no doubt not yet over.

  7. @hermitC
    I envy you =P I wish I could do it 100% too.


  8. I’m 100% into game dev. But it’s the second month without a “real” job. Hope that my vote does not distort this poll :|

  9. 75% work as a teacher – 25% on my website:

    The site doesn’t generate any income so it’s really just a spare time thing.