Who Needs Ownership? (I Tested My Spotify Invite…)

I’ve been testing spotify music service lately. The basic idea is that (1) once you have an account, you can (2) listen to pretty much any music you can think of via that service. If you buy the membership, then you can also (3) download as much music as you want.

There’s one really interesting thing about this service: ownership.

After testing the service… I see absolutely no reason to purchase any music ever. Why would I? I can just go to spotify and play it. There’s no point to purchase music (I don’t know why they even bother selling music in the store, since anybody can listen it anyway) if you have this service.

I don’t “own” the music and don’t store it on my computer… but don’t really need, since the content is available anyway when I’m online.

I wonder how this would work in the gaming industry.

P.S. If you wanna test it, google for “spotify invite”… but you didn’t hear that from me, m’kay?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hey Juuso – love the blog, I read it as part of Planet MicroISV.

    I think for the mainstream you are absolutely correct, and music is making its way into the cloud for good.

    But as we both know just because a mainstream exists, doesn’t mean everyone is in this mainstream. For instance, a decent enough market exists of audiophiles who want bit-perfect music, none of this lossy music you get with most of these sites… although I hear rumours that lossless music will be offered by Spotify at some point.

    Furthermore what happens if Spotify, the business, fail? How do I get to the music I purchased?

  2. Ben… I’m not sure how great service this is after all for competing with piracy.

    The business model… it’s lacking.
    (For example, why are they selling individual songs in their store? if anyone can buy 9.99 membership (even for one month) OR anyone can listen to any song whenever they want… who would want to buy single songs?)

    But…. who am I to say. I know shit about their biz – and these folks have raised tons of money so… I just shut up :)

  3. A great example of competing with piracy by offering a better service, e.g. similar to Valve with games.

    However, Spotify earned Lady Gaga $167 (not thousand, just one hundred and sixty seven dollars) from 1 million plays. Clearly the model still needs work, but it’s good to see some evolution all the same.

  4. …you also get better musicquality with the premium account and you get rid of all the ads.

    It exists on iPhone and you can share playlists with your friends so if you find a song you want them to hear, you can just drop it in your shared playlist. Spotify rules.

  5. If you have spotify membership, you can make all stuff available offline for example to your iphone..

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