Juuso Hietalahti


  1. That’s how Hyrule Field is should be. That’s my two cents. :P

    Seeing as I have no way to play the game, I shall just say that even that little clip had me laughing. I’m not sure how much replayability that song would give the game, but it was entertaining for the first time hearing it.

    That, and again, Hyrule Field in the Zelda games should totally be like this at night. It would explain so much.

  2. Say what you will about this game, but the balancing of the weapons, difficulty, and capabilities of enemies is top-notch.

  3. Crimsonland is pretty awesome. Challenging to all, and yet even a person who is noob at shooting (me) can progress through it.

  4. I played this on XBLA I think. Then erased it. It’s not as good as a 5+ year old game called Crimsonland imho.

  5. Anthony, if you’ve played it and still feel this way, then what you have to say is quite valid. I have played it and purchased it. It’s one of the funnest games I have on my 360 and that is saying a lot. It is absurd and completely over the top and that is exactly what it’s meant to be. It is so well done it is almost sickening. And… it’s a dollar. Personally, I think I would have sold it for more but, his sales have been among the best on the XBIG so who’s to say? I think it’s a great game and a great value.
    Anyway… that’s my two cents ;)

  6. I feel inclined to submit my opinion that it saddens me to see indie gaming going this way. Over the past few months I have heard about this title around 20 times or so from the various blogs that I read. Every time, I wonder why this game gets so much attention. As I perceived it, the most original thing about this title was its name and the accompany title. Meanwhile, there are genuine, quality titles in XBLIG that are well worth their price and deserving of attention from gamers. But again, that’s all a matter of my opinion.

    I think Microsoft had the right idea whenever that statement was made about, “the YouTube of games”. That’s pretty much the direction Indie Games on Xbox Live are going.

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