How Much Time You’ve Spent Playing Games? In Your Whole Lifetime

I started pondering that it must be like thousands and thousands of hours that I’ve put into different games. I’ve played tons of games. I’ve enjoyed tons of games. I’ve explored the ruins of Diablo… conquered the worlds of Civilization and shot tons of zombie heads. And possibly couple of other things between.

Was it all worth it?

What about you? How many hours of fun has your gaming hobby brought you (or at least how many hours you’ve spent in your whole life playing games). We are grown ups. Well, I’m am. Sort of.

Adult men playing video, board and other games. Is this bit silly?

You betcha.

I’ll do the same in the next life. You?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Wow, it must be over a year.

    When I totalled up the playing time on all of my World of Warcraft characters, it made almost 300 days. Adding in other games from childhood and onward, the figure must be nearly 500 days.

    That’s kind of scary, considering I am 22 so will have spent around 7 years asleep so far, and almost 2 years gaming.

    I don’t regret it…I’m glad I avoided life’s chores for so long and enjoyed most of my life.

    Game on!

  2. Passive content consumption can be a waste of time in my opinion, but actively considering content and thinking critically and creatively about it is never a waste of time to me. Watching TV and Reading books is the same. Educational content and entertainment both fall into this for me. However, passive consumption of content isn’t always a waste of time to me either.

  3. Lumooja has already pointed out what I wanted to say, which is that you forgot that women play games too, Juuso! The same kinds of games as you even (Diablo, Civ and zombie shooting!) Though board games are cool too when you can get a group together.

    Games are not a waste of time unless you would be doing something with that time instead, like making something.

  4. I’ve played a lot all my life, and I feel that playing games is never waste of my time. But even if it is… We don’t always have to be efficient, do we? It’s sometimes hard to remember that life isn’t actually a competition. :)

  5. I don’t know about total hours spent playing games in entire life, but current game I am playing (www.altitudegame.com) shows that I have been playing it for 269 hours total already.

  6. I’ve played games for 26 years pretty much every day. I’d never say it was “too much” because I actually wish I had more time to play more games! Also my gaming experience has meant that I’m able to be a professional game designer/programmer and so that’s pretty neat .

  7. Total agree with Lumooja. Life is a game and nothing prepares you better for life than playing games.

  8. Basically everything in life is a game. Women play games with men, men play games with business, etc…

    You should be more worried if you have spend hours not playing games in your life, since then you were not very productive.

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