“And So On”

Guess what’s the worst way to assign a task? I have experience on this, so I’ll share this with you.

The discussion goes something along this way:
Juuso: “The 3d character model needs to be bulky. Bit like Hulk would be.”
Artist: “Oh, like that big”
Juuso: “Well, not that huge guy, but you know… muscular shoulders. Head low.”
Artist: “…”
Juuso: “You know. Like a pro Wrestler type of character. But like Hulk. And needs to look cool. But not too cool. And he also needs to wear a dagger and rusty armor and so on…
Artist: “I’ll do what you want master! I’ll get right into it”

Well, I’m not that bad at giving tasks actually (I’m pretty good at explaining things I believe), but same way, I never hear artist saying that last line either…


Ending a task assignment into a “and so on” is like expecting the other person to be a mind reader – I know that won’t work.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Heh, Lumooja:

    “But what they didn’t realize is that their way of thinking was wrong, and only a few people who were also wrong thought the same way.”

    Isn’t it shame when people always think in *wrong* way…


  2. When people need to discuss something, they are made of different gene patterns, different logic.

    I’ve seen people who thought everything was clear when they said only fractions of things. They assumed that other people would think the same.
    But what they didn’t realize is that their way of thinking was wrong, and only a few people who were also wrong thought the same way.

    So, if you’re going to assume things, make sure you have the same logic as the majority of people. Or make sure you talk only to people with the same logic pattern as you.

  3. A: “It’s like that other thing, surely you remember, right?”
    B: “Oh, oh yeah – THAT thing! Right.”

  4. The really _worst_ way to assign a task coudn’t be illustrated by the task giving process, because in the beginning, all seems easy and clear.
    But when you look at the result of several days work, that’s when the bad stuff happens.
    Luckily, I failed this way just a few times – but it really was the learning “the hard way”.

  5. Mind readers you say :D

    So I tell you something – I chose to work only with those that read my mind. I say to them I need that and that without going into details and they deliver what I expected. Sometimes people think alike and you need to find those and work with them. It’s a pleasure.

    I always struggled to work with people that don’t read my mind. Usually our cooperation ended after 2-3 tries to deliver what I want and wasting more time on explaining than on doing stuff.

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