I Miss Blitzcoder…

Blitzcoder was the first proper forum for blitz users – even if you had illegal copy – and it had tons of content, and great stuff in the forums – great people. I know they tried to setup a similar forum to Blitzcoder later (can’t remember the url now), and that there’s other forums (Bmax, Coder workshop is possibly there too), but Blitzcoder was a forum that had something special in it. You cannot clone the people and the feeling.

I can remember this
journal entry of mine from year 2002.

Those were the times.

Any other old-blitz-farts there missing Blitzcoder?

I really wonder what causes this. What is so special about a virtual place that brings you so many good memories… that you actually sort of miss it. Strange.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. YES! I really miss BlitzCoder. The community was absolutely amazing! We had so much fun making games and bouncing ideas around etc. – it DID have something really special about it and it was the last time that I actually felt like I was part of an online community. So far, nothing else compares to what we had with BlitzCoder :(

  2. You should join! There’s plenty of old BlitzCoder folks! Jayenkai is the admin, if you remember him?

  3. Yeh, I have checked it out. (that was the url I couldn’t remember).
    Maybe I need to check it again… :)

  4. Have you seen SoCoder.net ? It’s sort of the spiritual successor.

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