Closing The Public Game Producer Forums (Private Insiders Section Is Still There)

I have been thinking of closing the Game Producer Forums for some months now. It was discussed with the forum moderators and my reflection about “getting rid of certain stuff” maybe gave me the final push to make this decision.

The main reasons why the forums got closed are:
– Required time compared to activity of the forums
– Tons of spam bots & moderation (see above)
– There are already public forums such as the great Indiegamer forums (where I warmly recommend anyone to join)
– Discussion can happen through this game producer blog nevertheless

It was nice to run the forums, but now it’s time to close them. The resources still appear via Google (so the forums are there in the background) but no new threads can be started in other forums except the “ask about the Insiders membership”.

Strangely I’m going back to where I started.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yes, but it’s not just about spam. It’s also about my time and the fact that there are already fine forums like indiegamer.

  2. Seems like this is happening in quite a few places. Spambots and spammers invade forums, even small ones, and thus destroy one of the aspects of the Web 2.0. Then, compared to activity, it becomes just too much effort to keep the forum smooth. I have closed my (german) forum about city building games which I had run for years in October last year, due to the very same reasons and considerations.

    It’s sad, really.

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