What’s The Most Important Thing Game Development Has Brought You?

Creating games has many beneficial things in life (whether or not you plan to sell any games): team work, social skills, organizing work, creativity, writing, networking skills… and tons of more.

I started to ponder the most important lesson/experience/thing I’ve got from gaming.

I don’t know what the answer for me is… but somehow I feel that the possibility to share things (and rant about them) together with people and friends must rank pretty high in my list.

Or just rants.

Can’t decide.

Maybe it boils down to experience sharing.

What you’ve got from this thing we call “game dev”?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Every day of the last ten years I worked with people passionate about what they do. Almost every one of them could earn more money and work more family friendly hours in another industry but they don’t. I always find their passion for what they do inspiring.

    The challenges of game production are astounding and I’ve had the opportunity to see hundreds of production environments; see what works and what doesn’t from both a leadership and a technical standpoint. Every day in the industry is a learning experience.

    The technology is just cool as shit.. no other way to say it. The hardware is cutting edge, the software pushes the envelope and the creativity in all areas of game development is staggering.

    But what it really boils down to for me are the people.. scary clever people doing what they love.

  2. All this comments make me wonder how anyone can say “adult men with their toys – grow up already!” :)

  3. The actual game is actually only a very small part of the the whole indie game development. Sure, it’s nice, but it’s not everything.

    Indie game development revolves mostly around new ideas and innovations, exchaning experience with other people and helping other people out. I’m right now more hooked into developing tools to make a game, rather than making a game itself, since when I’m done with the tools, making games will be a no-brainer.

  4. Probably the friends I have made, and the life experiences I have derived from being in the industry.

    It has truly been a great ride so far!

  5. I’ve made some great friends (on-line and in person) in the industry. I’ve enjoyed seeing my creative output online for sale and doing well. I’ve learned about finishing stuff and polishing stuff and online marketing. I’ve learned that it’s possible to change career to something that I love (from business software developer to game designer). I’ve learned how to deal with artists (sorta). :-) Probably lots more too.

  6. I’m an artist by trade, and fairly impulsive by nature. Everything I know about patience, and that’s quite a lot by now, I learned from a programmer.

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