Where Have All Good Game Dev Contests Gone?

Was thinking of creating a brief list of game dev contests, this is a pretty brief list but those interested in participating in game dev contests (or some form of prototyping) might want to check out these:

Please help fill the list.

Here’s several more from you readers:

8 thoughts on “Where Have All Good Game Dev Contests Gone?

  1. Cool… thanks everybody. I’ll add these to the post.

  2. BlitzMax.com also quite often has competitions. There’s often a BltiMax Community Framework competition going on.

  3. Oh, and of course TIGSource always seems to have something going on:

  4. A few more:

    GAMMA (hosted by Kokoromi…currently Gamma4)


    Sense of Wonder Night (Tokyo Game Show)

    Indie Games Arcade (Eurogamer Expo)

  5. Here’s another competition that goes on for the whole of 2010:

  6. There is the Indie Bay Competition, which is a 48h game contest, just like Ludum Dare: http://theindiebay.com/competition/

  7. Hey I was a judge at the Global Game Jam in Vancouver yesterday. Teams (3-4 people) had to make games in an engine of their choice in 48 hours and ideally had to stick to the theme of Deception and maybe include a punk, monk or skunk. 6 teams made great games in the short time period. It was fun!

  8. http://gamejolt.com/ Holds contests pretty regularly. Not much in the way of prizes but good community.