Should I Get Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 (Even PS2 Could Be Neat)

For some reason I’ve started to think about getting either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. I know there’s no rational reason but I’m sure my brain will use any imaginable way to convince me. Like… suggesting me that “hey, you got a baby coming – better prepare now!” or that “you gotta be aware what kind of games are out there, buy a console!”.

Luckily I know myself well enough not to trust those thoughts.


Xbox has better price, you can get it black as well, can watch movies (but not bluray) and play several fun games. On the other hand, PS3 has that bluray thing (not that I’d have any use for that but at least it could get me bragging rights) and there’s also neat games for PS3.

On the very other hand… there’s PlayStation 2. Which has tons of games. Good games. Games that don’t rely on graphics. Enjoyable games like Tenchu (the new versions for Xbox 360 got bad grades).

So… what you vote?

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I’m not getting one quite soon, but thought to ask what you guys think.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. well you should get ps3 if your a blue ray HD TV hard game lover like me if you have alot of money and you can beat you anger get Xbox but really there BOTH COOL but wach out for the red ring of death on Xbox and wach out for the ps3 over heating.

  2. If you are a die hard gamer than it’s an easy choice, get
    the XBox 360. There are a broader base of games available for it
    and it’s online playing just beats the PS3 to death. That said, if
    you are a part time gamer and use your console for other actions
    such as watching DVD’s the PS3 is for you. It has a built in Blue
    Ray DVD player and many other great features that are very usefull.
    Price, they are fairly evenly matched. Bottom line, it all boils
    down to what the individule wants. Technically, one is NOT better
    than the other. They both have there strong points.

  3. Hi, Juuso im finnish too.
    I think from those two, id pick the PS3. I have XBOX360 Elite but i have tried PS3 and i think it has more better exlusive games for it. And multiplayer is free tho some guys complain about the thing when its free its not as good MP options with the internet and stuff like multiplayer-gaming community on xbox.
    But whatsoever i like PS2 maybe even more :D im not into MP on consoles crazy. I prefer Singleplayer on consoles but anyways. PS2 has some grrrrreat games. Resident Evil 4 specially. And +its cheap :D.
    You got nice ”blog”.

  4. It’s never too early to introduce the wonderful world of gaming to children!

  5. you have a child coming and your prepared to spend money on a console. glad you have your priorities straight!!!

  6. Seriously Xbox is a good choice but u need to pay for online but you get better service so..

  7. Depends on what your important factors are. Here I’ll give my point of view as a University student (more commonly known as a poor guy :P ).

    IMO the best bang for the buck is definitely PS2 which has TONS of excellent games, at a nice price by accepting the fact that you’ll basically be always treasure hunting some good games. Treasure hunting can sometimes end up being expensive.

    If going next-gen is what really interests you don’t make the same mistake as I did. One important aspect for me, since I’m a student (and I didn’t think about it when I bought my Xbox 360 -_-‘ ) is the TCO.

    If money is a possible issue for you, the PS3 can end up being less expensive on the long run. Should you buy a X360 with an extra controller, with 2 play&charge kits and a yearly subscription to Live you’re even with the PS3 for the first year.

    If the failure rate of the consoles are added to the formula the Xbox 360 surprisingly ends up being a lot more expensive. Granted they don’t deliver the same level of quality on all aspects.

    Looking at the big picture through normal people’s eyes (not as a poor student), the console of choice would be down to: What consoles has the exclusives you’re most interested.

    In my position, the 360 has the exclusives I like the most but had I known about all those console quality issues, I never would’ve bought the 360…. Though if I had bought the PS3 I’d be complaining I don’t have the exclusives I’m most interested at XD

  8. Prince Porter: That’s what I’m thinking. In fact… new games feel bit too leaned into graphics. The thing that I am interested about is things like xbox live (arcade) where you can find multiplayer games.

    Hey, can I use that same explanation for upgrading my computer too… :)

  9. I’d go with the PS2, or XBOX 360. I’m personally sticking it out with oldschool stuff until the next gen, nothing of this gen seems worth the cost. I’ll just play PC games, and the occasional PS1 RPG I’ve somehow managed to not play yet, by the time I catch up on those games, a beautiful new console will be out.

  10. Jake, but clean millionaires don’t buy junk to clutter their mansion ;)

    Lumooja: thanks for answering the totally ridiculous question anyway :)

    Ilay: good point on those PS2 games. (In Finland the PS3 consoles that are being sold handle only PS3 games I believe…)

  11. Millionaires think both. (360 and PS3)

    I voted for the 360 cos I have one and I love it, it’s awesome. Don’t be a pleasure delayer, go and get one.

  12. Totally ridiculous question.

    First of all: you don’t play games on consoles, it’s just not worth the suffering and pain versus a real Logitech G3/G5 gaming mouse with IBM keyboard.

    Second: you use consoles to place under your TV to watch BluRay3D movies, no other device in the world than PS3 can do that.

    Third: If you’re pro, you also use the console to try out C++ programming on a PowerPC CPU, and again only PS3 can do that.

  13. Depends on what you want. PS3 have more diversity with titles to ‘research’ like Little Big Planet, Flower, Eden or Fat Princess. Also, its games are not region-locked, and all PS3 can play PS1 games. Xbox is mostly geared towards hardcore games, like multiplayer shooters. Still, it has gems like Castle Crashers or Axel & Pixel of which I’m jealous.

    On Xbox you can write games with limited framework, on PS3 you can have a lot of fun with Cell, but no access to GPU.

    PS2 is a lot cheaper than the others, but many of it’s greatest games are long out of print, so you have to either pirate them or hunt on ebay, sometimes for a price of a brand new game.

  14. I cant comment on the PS3’s reliability, but I have personally had three Xbox 360 drives go dodgy on me requiring repair. Don’t get me wrong, I like the 360, just not had the best of experiences with the console. A friend is also on his second.. the first one fell to the dreaded rrod.

    Saying that, another friend of mine still has a working launch 360 so it’s all luck of the draw really.

  15. You forgot to mention that you can program your own games on the 360 – If you’re that way inclined of course.

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