Buying Games From Stores Is Soooo Out

Today I was visiting one nearby supermarket and out of curiosity I checked the console “department”. I checked the games… and started ponder how “old fashioned” it would be to buy from those shelves. I buy all my games online (hmm, with the exception of sometimes going through some shelves when I feel like need for gold digging) and I stared those games and felt that I’d never want to buy those 67 eur games that way. I have purchased some brand new games… but that’s via Steam. Not from supermarkets. I guess I might consider ordering some game that would be delivered to my home. Might. If it couldn’t be ordered online (like that’s going to ever happen). Hmm, maybe it’s just me but I prefer downloadable stuff.

What about you. Do you purchase games that come with physical boxes? Do you like going to supermarkets checking out for some new games to add to your collection?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yes they are pretty cool, although I think Thief was probably “scarier” in that if you got caught you were basically dead. In ACII you can just run away over the roofs. There are also some neat parts where you explore tombs under churches to get some special seals and they are really good, like better than Tomb Raider ever was. Oh and you can ride a horse, and that’s well done too. And hire courtesans (but only as a distraction for guards, damn), and mercenaries, and thieves etc. Plus there’s a meta game of making your villa and town awesome by upgrading it that’s neat. Lot’s of neat stuff.

  2. Jake: what about stealth/assassinations – are they interesting as in Thief (=cool) or interesting as in Assassins Creed I (=pretty okay)?

  3. @Juuso: Yes, it’s very good. I’m impressed. It has great graphics and a great atmosphere of 15th Century Italy (I actually feel like I’m there sometimes). I’ve been to Venice and explored all the backstreets and sometimes the game feels like that. The freerunning is fantastic, the plot and story are interesting (which is unusual for a game :-)), the combat is good,m and there are tons of side missions (it’s a bit like GTA in that sense). Highly recommended (along with Batman).

  4. here supermarkets have food+baby stuff+clothes+drinks+postcards+magazines… everything. :)

  5. It took me a minute to figure out what you meant by supermarket. In the US, supermarkets are where you buy food (grocery stores). For my Xbox, I usually buy at Best Buy. For PC, usually Amazon, as I haven’t found a brick and mortar store locally that still stocks pc games.

  6. I buy games digitally from Steam, Bigfishgames and Xbox Live Arcade. The only games I still buy on cd/dvd are full price new AAA grade Xbox 360 titles like Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 2. In a year or two the discs might be gone from my shopping list.

  7. Although I have bought plenty of games digitally (steam etc), I far prefer having a boxed version. Especially if it has interesting cover art.

  8. I have essentially stopped buying new games, because most of them don’t play on my PC any more, that rig is just outdated for modern games.

    Well, and since gog.com provides all the old gems of games for low price and without DRM, I use that as main source to get original versions of games I already have, and complete my collection of old games.

  9. I reckon it’s always best to shop around in any situation. Sometimes buying the physical boxed copy can work out cheaper, although this is usually only for PC games.

    Take the new Aliens Vs Predator game for instance (and this is a British comparison):

    On steam it costs: £24.99
    On play.com (inc postage) it costs: £17.99

    And it seems to be happening with more and more top titles like Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, ModernWarfare 2…all cheaper on amazon or play.com than steam. Crazy stuff.

    I prefer to buy download versions because of the “convinience”. Then again with download speeds like they currently are in the UK I’m buying more and more boxed versions recently!

  10. Yep I buy used console games all the time for low prices, I love it. Also use Steam a lot but only ever buy special offers.

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