PS3 Does Not Support PS2 Games – Why?

I asked friend of mine who told me that PS3 does not support PS2 games. The reason is – I don’t know – but I’d guess it’s either (1) production costs or (2) marketing thing. Or both. (Or maybe something else)

I’m asking this because I realized that if PS3 would support PS2 games, then purchasing PS3 would be a no-brainer to me: I would get blu-ray, fancy new games AND all the good classics (which PS2 seems to have).

But since PS3 does not support PS2 games the choice becomes trickier: Now I can consider Xbox 360. And PS2. Or PS3. Or something.

If it is a marketing trick (meaning: they want people to buy newer expensive games), then it sort of is a good, but it’s also eating their own leg. By monopolizing this thing “you can no longer play PS2 games on PS3” it means that I’m thinking the alternatives as well: Xbox live has pretty decent Arcade place so I’ve heard…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I own one of the original ps3 consoles, it has the backward compatabilty and 4 usb slot… and the memory card reader. I don’t use any of them. Oh wait I do use the extra usb slots. lol

  2. i think that maybe marketing plan of sony. if ps3 can play with ps2 many profit will lose.

  3. I bought a first-gen with PS3, and PS2 support was the top feature for me. I played a lot of PS2 games on it; in fact, I never owned PS2 before, but now I own the same amount of PS2 and PS3 games.

    Another great feature is ps1 compability; I played through the first Silent Hill on PS3/PSP, copying and pasting save-files from one device to the other.

  4. The xbox does play a lot of old Xbox games, there’s a list on wikipedia I think, plus you can just download a lot of them via XBLA. However, because there are so many great 360 games, I’m not that interested in older games.

  5. well… applying the same logic, why would you consider X360 since it doesn’t play old XBOX games?

    and yeah, first model of PS3 had extra HW to support PS2 games as well. but actually almost nobody probably cares after all, most people want to play the new games rather than old ones.. and the ones who want to keep playing an old-time favorite on PS2, will surely keep the old PS2 around as well for that purpose.

  6. Russell: it’s the amount of junk in me house I dislike… I don’t like the idea of owning seven thousand different consoles connected to a tv. :)

  7. Shame. The PS2 played PS1 games but they looked funny.

    Can anyone 100% confirm if the PS3 games are really region free? If so I might buy one in Canada as I can use it back in the UK! The only other region free console I have is my Nintendo DS. PS2, Wii, Xbox aren’t, which is annoying.

  8. Besides the already mentioned points, backwards compatibility seems not to be a big issue. It’s definetely not a system seller.

  9. It’s production costs. The old PS3 had a chip which could run PS2 games, so it didn’t need to emulate them. It also had bigger harddrive, more USB ports, etc… It’s all about production costs, and removing things which are not absolutetly necessary.

  10. Actually, I believe that the first-generation PS3s did support PS2 games, but are only compatible with 92%-98% of them. You can check which models are “backwards compatible” here:


    But even if I did have a first-gen PS3, I’d still use my old PS2. Why deal with the question of compatibility anyway, especially when you can buy a used PS2 for almost nothing these days?

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