Do You Know Why I Kind of Don’t Order Stuff From Amazon?

Whenever I’d like to buy stuff from Amazon they are putting these things to stop me. I’m no longer buying stuff from Amazon. Usually I use some other place. The reason is pretty simple. Bookdepository and Play.com clearly show me the final price (including rates for shipping to Finland) of the products.

With Amazon, I don’t know the end price after I’ve (1) logged in, (2) went to checkout, (3) inserted my credit card information, (4) and then reviewing the order.

Compared to “seeing the product and that this is the price” it’s not so usable.

(Amazon still has the best way to look inside products, get product recommendations & reviews so I’m not totally forgotten their site…)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I never heared of The Book Depository before, their price is lower than Amazon UK, and they don’t charge shipping and handling seperatly. If I decide to order the Pro Ogre book it will cost me € 8,66 less. Thanks. :)

    On your point of pennies, saving 8 euros might not sound like much, but if you approach all your spending like that you will save a ton of money in the long run, as you’re spending it more efficiently. Or maybe it’s just me being typically Dutch. ;)

  2. I don’t consider Amazon shipping charges a serious annoyance; comparing offers is a job for a spreadsheet in any case.
    What’s good about Amazon is predictability of customs taxes, which in reality can be horrible and exceed shipping costs.

    Amazon has other issues: some weeks ago they emailed me to ask for a review of a rare book I bought, and they expected me to enter all sort of personal details into a demented personal profile page for the privilege of posting a review.

  3. I’m in Finland. I never remember delivery rates. It’s just matter of convenience:
    – book from play.com: 48 eur
    – bookdepo: 39 eur
    – amazon: $39 something + $10? or $20 or who knows what + conversion to eur equals to… I dunno.

    Like… why buy book from play.com for 48 eur when you can get it for 39 eur. :P

    Yeh, supposedly for one book it doesn’t matter so much but for the amount of books I’m getting the “time spent” + “eur difference” equals to = perhaps worth doing.

    Okay. In reality it’s close to playing with pennies. I admit. Old habit ;)

  4. I usually buy from amazon.ca and the prices seem right. The final price has the taxes not shown on the page. This is normal practice in Canada. Also, we need to pay the shipping if the order is less than $39, but that is clearly stated. Even if I am not logged in, I am still able to know what I will pay (or a raw estimate).

  5. Strange, maybe I dont get what you are saying, but I see the prices quite clearly when I look at the product page without logging in. Maybe the german amazon is different, but even trying amazon.com I see the prize directly.
    Maybe you mean something different with the price of the product?

  6. Well it doesn’t change much by the time you get to the final page, and if you want the books, what does it matter?

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