Producers Are Like Cry Babies

As I have my own baby project going on, and as I’ve witnessed some producers actions (and happen to be an indie one) I came to conclusion that producers are almost like babies.

situation baby producer
needs diapers yes yes (based on how much bullshit you can pick from his talk)
says incomprehensible stuff yes yes (obvious)
is the boss yes yes
is agile yes yes (at least think his team is doing “agile development”)
craves for attention yes oh, yes (some even put out public blogs to make them feel important)
cries for attention yes yes
eats most of the time yes yes (lunches, lunches, lunches)
cries yes yes (see below)
Thinks that you promised something when you said that “This is only a gut feeling estimation based on total guesswork. In no way this should be used as a promise to anyone. This task might take 3 days, or not. Most likely it won’t. In fact, most likely it will be something totally different I think. I cannot promise that I can get you that toy/feature in time and you should not even think that this can be completed in 3 days.” Yet after 3 days (s)he comes to you crying “but you promised!!!” yes yes (i’ve witnessed this happening)
is cute yes hardly

Besides the cute-factor, I think the evidence is pretty solid.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @David: wiseguy… logical though, as it would make sense according to that chart… :)

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