7 thoughts on “Dead Wake, Ready to Be Played

  1. I think I just realised why your big download link is so hard to find on your website. It looks way too much like a banner ad.

    Reminds me of this http://www.useit.com/alertbox/fancy-formatting.html

  2. Sounds awesome! I also had to look for a download link.

    Btw. why is there ads in German for online casinos on the site? Seems out of place. I’m not German so it can’t be localised ads.

  3. Hey, is your game a free game juuso? I don’t see a buy button and at the button it says the sponsers keep the game free to play?

  4. So true. Gotta make a really big button asap.

    Meanwhile, try this:

  5. Cool, but where is the download link on that page?