“Be Open For Critisism” Is Cool, But It’s Also Nice to Hear Nice Words

Dead Wake has been receiving pretty good feedback (also more ideas, and then some complaints about certain (known) issues… and then some questions about “what to do to get it working on my computer”). It was so nice to hear the following:

“I love the whole zombie barricade thing. The objects hold well enough to stop the zombies, yet they can push through at a reasonable rate. It’s pretty scary when your barriers start breaking down and they come for you.”

“Once I figured out the game was about preparing your defences it started making interest. Kind of slightly reminds me these siege games like ‘the hord’ which I was playing when I was a kid.”

I hoped that people would get this type of feeling, and seeing that some people have experienced this.

After listening to tons of ideas, implementing some of them in the game, leaving some out and hearing ideas on “how to make things better” (at the time of writing there’s hundreds of threads and replies in the “suggest ideas” Dead Wake sub-forum) is cool – but I must admit that after doing the game it’s also pretty cool to hear some good stuff about the thing you’ve created.

Juuso Hietalahti