Okay, WordPress Upgrade Done

That upgrade went pretty smoothly. The next step is to find a decent theme and set up some misc plugin stuff.

You like it?

TF2 theme:
[poll id=27]

Edoiki theme:
[poll id=26]

Coffee theme:
[poll id=25]

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Looks like the current theme is closest to “not so bad” so I’ll stick with this for now.

    When I get some own game art (possibly something with less gore & bloody & zombie stuff) I’ll change the banner. Meanwhile TF2 will do.

  2. I browse at work (lunch only!) with images turned off, so I am seeing black text on white background, which is fine by me (so I didn’t vote in the poll.)

  3. Alrighty.

    One more poll. Are we getting to better direction now? With Team Fortress 2. Spy there and all.

  4. Oh, and there was 3 comments in Akismet spam queue. Those are approved now.

  5. That banner is actually concept art from Edoiki game. I suppose I could replace the banner art with something more gaming related…

    As for branding: hell no. :)

  6. My comment from yesterday was lost (or deleted ;-p). The coffee one was not cool, this is better, but neither have a “game producer” theme. What is your “branding” in terms of logo and colour. Perhaps you should figure that out and make a custom theme?

  7. This is quite perfect font size now.

    You can verify it when you make the window horizontally small enough that the big graphics on the top it the first thing which prevents you from making the window smaller.

    The font looks like it’s bolded, but of course it’s not. I think it’s a nice fresh font which people haven’t seen much before, and it’s pleasant to read.

  8. Well structured and elegant. Font is too small for me to. Lost its “production” flair but does the important stuff right. A little pale colour palette… oh, I think I have to rework my own site…

  9. This oriental theme is much cleaner, and easier to read. But the font is too small in relation to the page size.

  10. Alright… what about bit more “oriental” banner & clean theme?

    New poll available.

  11. I voted “looks cool” because:
    – has a desktop look which every developer knows
    – confirms the “developer drinks” coffee cliché
    – nice colours (personal opinion)

    But there are also drawbacks:
    – distinction between content and decoration is sometimes hard to see
    – the theme feels “rubbished” – not clean and straight as the old one

    A little graphics tweeking may solve the drawbacks.

  12. Otherwise the site looks nice, but please ARIAL font?

    It’s not even a real web font anyway, since it doesn’t support bolding at smaller sizes, and it looks dead boring.

    There are so many good cross-platform fonts out there, so why use Arial?:
    – Georgia (which you had before)
    – Trebuchet MS
    – Tahoma
    – Verdana
    – Palatino Linotype
    – BitStream Vera Sans

  13. Damn me for asking feedback, now I need to switch again.

    I’m tired of that TF image. :)

  14. Doesn’t seem to have much to do with Game Producing. Why don’t you make your own theme. Just had a thought, how come you don’t have your own logo or “company colour scheme”? That should be your branding.

  15. I should quote my head: “I don’t like coffee yet i program.”

    I really don’t like coffee. I know that theme, i think i had it on my blog for maybe 10 seconds. If you could get rid of the pen and coffee it would feel less weird. I guess i know the allusion you’re trying to feed into, that game developers hunger for coffeine but there are some of us who actually prefer coke.

    Humor aside, i think the coffee theme doesn’t fit very well to the content. There are also some text problems, eg upper right, Subscribe menu is hard to read. I prefer blogs with less graphics. Maybe the theme will be fine without the tiling background on the sides and the images on the top?

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