“WoW Is Not Really a Violent Game”

Finnish editor of Pelit game magazine wrote in her column that “WoW is not really a violent game”.

Which sort of made me wonder what is she talking about? (The article was fine, but this point about thoughts that suggest most games aren’t violent – like WoW – makes me wonder how our brains are wired)

Let’s take an example. In World of Warcraft you can use big swords. And get experience for killing anything that moves. To me… the missing link sort of calls for “violence” (or am I missing something?).

Are we gamers so accustomed to violence that “cartoony violence” or “hitting others with blunt objects to help us improve ourselves and get more money and stuff and whatnot” is “not really violence”?

Maybe in comparison to Hitman it’s not so violent but compared to Tetris WoW is pretty violent.

I rest my heavy case.

PS3 Does Not Support PS2 Games – Why?

I asked friend of mine who told me that PS3 does not support PS2 games. The reason is – I don’t know – but I’d guess it’s either (1) production costs or (2) marketing thing. Or both. (Or maybe something else)

I’m asking this because I realized that if PS3 would support PS2 games, then purchasing PS3 would be a no-brainer to me: I would get blu-ray, fancy new games AND all the good classics (which PS2 seems to have).

But since PS3 does not support PS2 games the choice becomes trickier: Now I can consider Xbox 360. And PS2. Or PS3. Or something.

If it is a marketing trick (meaning: they want people to buy newer expensive games), then it sort of is a good, but it’s also eating their own leg. By monopolizing this thing “you can no longer play PS2 games on PS3″ it means that I’m thinking the alternatives as well: Xbox live has pretty decent Arcade place so I’ve heard…

Buying Games From Stores Is Soooo Out

Today I was visiting one nearby supermarket and out of curiosity I checked the console “department”. I checked the games… and started ponder how “old fashioned” it would be to buy from those shelves. I buy all my games online (hmm, with the exception of sometimes going through some shelves when I feel like need for gold digging) and I stared those games and felt that I’d never want to buy those 67 eur games that way. I have purchased some brand new games… but that’s via Steam. Not from supermarkets. I guess I might consider ordering some game that would be delivered to my home. Might. If it couldn’t be ordered online (like that’s going to ever happen). Hmm, maybe it’s just me but I prefer downloadable stuff.

What about you. Do you purchase games that come with physical boxes? Do you like going to supermarkets checking out for some new games to add to your collection?

Awwwww…. I Lost All Mine (Their) Customers. And Links Won’t Work. (Only Good News Is That More Money Flooding This Way)

I just got informed that Big Fish Games affiliate system is changing. It’s not anymore about “guide a customer them once, get paid for lifetime”.

The new program is a “last to refer” system. Even if other affiliates have referred the same consumer you are referring, if you are the last person to refer the consumer and they buy a game within 90 days, they become your referral and you will earn commissions from all their game purchases for a full year.

The existing affiliates in the top of the food chain are naturally pissed off. BFG has like 60 million consumers in their databases (not sure if I can say this out loud, but just to make sure, if anybody asks you – I didn’t tell this).

I’m fine with all this. I was wondering why I was getting more sales from BFG so it’s fine. Maybe somebody can now “steal” my customers but at least I can steal other customers.

Now… to the slightly shitty thing.

It looks like the *links* might not be working properly. I’m not totally sure, but http://www.bigfishgames.com/?channel=affiliates&identifier=af9a7b34cd50 sure looks different than https://my.bigfishgames.com/index.php?afcode=af9a7b34cd50. If this means that seven trillion developers and their moms need to go through all their files to change codes, it’s bit sucky. Those of you who know how this should be done (such as creating referral link to something like www.gameproducer.net/bfg.php which would then redirect to the correct URL) are fine. The rest of us (who were too lazy to do this in the first place) might need to change the links.

I don’t know. Didn’t see info. Just making a wild guess.

The really good (perhaps) news are that they are finally creating a way to track sales. BFG is giving all sorts of campaign tracking stuff that you can use to see how many people bought this and that, and via which channels.

Me likes these changes.

The Best Mailing List Unsubscribe Page I’ve Ever Seen

Check Tell Tale Games and subscribe to their mailing list. Then unsubscribe. Pretty fun text… where they try to convince me to stay. It’s pretty nice idea for “viral marketing”. Their effort got some guy (that would be me) to blog about their site’s mailing list. And this was simply by having a bit different unsubscribe page for a mailing list.

There is indeed possibilities for marketing everywhere. Even when customer is about to step away from your store.

Should I Get Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 (Even PS2 Could Be Neat)

For some reason I’ve started to think about getting either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. I know there’s no rational reason but I’m sure my brain will use any imaginable way to convince me. Like… suggesting me that “hey, you got a baby coming – better prepare now!” or that “you gotta be aware what kind of games are out there, buy a console!”.

Luckily I know myself well enough not to trust those thoughts.


Xbox has better price, you can get it black as well, can watch movies (but not bluray) and play several fun games. On the other hand, PS3 has that bluray thing (not that I’d have any use for that but at least it could get me bragging rights) and there’s also neat games for PS3.

On the very other hand… there’s PlayStation 2. Which has tons of games. Good games. Games that don’t rely on graphics. Enjoyable games like Tenchu (the new versions for Xbox 360 got bad grades).

So… what you vote?

[poll id=24]

I’m not getting one quite soon, but thought to ask what you guys think.

Where Have All Good Game Dev Contests Gone?

Was thinking of creating a brief list of game dev contests, this is a pretty brief list but those interested in participating in game dev contests (or some form of prototyping) might want to check out these:

Please help fill the list.

Here’s several more from you readers: