Is There Only 2 Ice Hockey Games In This Planet?

I bought PlayStation 3 and copy of NHL 10. I saw that also NHL 2k10 has their version.

Out of curiosity, I started to check out what ice hockey games there are available, and came to conclusion that for PC – there’s hardly any. NHL ’09 PC got horrible ratings from players. There really didn’t seem to be alternatives for these 2 series.

There were several flash games that mostly resembled (1) air hockey or (2) some sort of shoot out (couple of pretty interesting though). Couple of other hockey games there, but there isn’t many ice hockey flash games though.

Then I tried checking indie/shareware, and there was hardly any. Some downloadable air hockey game, and several hockey manager games – but that’s pretty much it.

Are there any ice hockey games for PC? Games that somewhat model playing as an ice hockey player (not as a manager). 3D? 2D?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hi Juuso, yes here is “more than 2 Ice Hockey Games on this planet” and would welcome a confidential discussion moving forward with this online interactive Hockey Card Game. This concept is ideal for PC, Mac or iPad and for promoting any Hockey League and Players. I’ve also planned a Soccer version. Please email me and I will send you my ‘NHL Demo’ and marketing plan for your consideration. Kind regards.


  2. I’ve been searching around and it seems that all people have the same complaints about these hockey games. The AI on the goalies is horrid, either too good or too bad. They either have trick spots or they are super good for the cpu team while being horrid for the player team. It seems the last good hockey game, as rated by the players, was NHL 06 by EA with an average rating of 8. I’ve heard good things about the game, one of the main points being using the right stick to pass so you can skate one way and pass another without slowing or putting a hitch in your direction. Unfortunately finding a copy of NHL 06 has proven slightly difficult, I may have to ask a friend to borrow his!
    I’m still bummed that it’s 2010 and there are no hockey games that support widescreen :\

  3. yeh… unless of course one comes up with some witty idea. For example, in NHL ’10 you can play online using your custom player (for example your own name)… only jerseys look the same.

    By the way, found this: http://slapshot.gamigo.com/ – didn’t test it though.

  4. The licensing (club names and player names) is probably the biggest issue.

  5. Damnation.

    I ponder if the reason is “nobody plays them on PC”?

    Or perhaps “NHL 94 (emulation) rocks!”

  6. Hey Juuso,

    as far as I know there are no other alternatives for a full price Hockey game on the PC.

    You may try out Browser Hockey games. I tried to find an example, but unfortunately can’t find one. I remember an advertisement on TV for a Browser Hockey game… *hmpf*

    It’s like with Soccer: FIFA or PES ;)

    Greetings from Germany,


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