Staying Healthy

Here’s what I’ve done in the past year:

  • Washed my hands all the time. Well, you know – often.
  • Use hand wash anti-bacteria stuff. You know, the thing what you take with you when you go to foreign countries.
  • Stopped drinking alcohol (has been this for a year now – don’t ask me why since I don’t know)
  • Ate less meat (in fact, I cut eating a lot, and nowadays only eat chicken. Delicious chicken.)
  • Exercise regularly (outdoor activities every day), but less than 2 years ago.
  • Minimize taking drugs (you can make funny comments out of this)
  • Don’t smoke (never really have)
  • Keep my stress level low. Or away. I don’t really have stress, sort of.
  • Perhaps concentrated more on “not getting ill” rather than “staying healthy”.
  • Complain more. Well, occasionally. In this blog for example.

I’ve never been so ill than I have been during the last year. (Well, maybe I have but makes a better story this way). During the last year, every couple of months I had got flu or fever or sore throat or something that makes me ponder “I’m not feeling well.”

Well, there’s one thing I’m pondering. I wonder if “trying not to get ill” is the issue here. Or, perhaps I have the issue with the loop “I know I will get ill every 2 months”, and then I get ill. I’m not superstitious but if anybody has a spare rabbit pawn, you can mail them to my house.

10 years ago I cared about healthy/illness as much as rat cares about its buttocks. That would be little. Well known fact. I was never ill. (Another fact that I made up from thin air). Maybe I’ve concentrated too much on this illness stuff that I help make myself ill.

If anyone has a good tip on (1) either staying healthy or (2) how to forget all the fuzz about staying healthy, I’d be glad to hear that out.

Sorry, now I have to go to bathroom to cough some goo balls.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Pretty sure going outside and touching your keyboard are enough of an immune challenge, as long as you aren’t overusing the antibacterial stuff.

  2. I’m mostly going to agree with what was already said. People need sleep. Of course, a newborn tends to disrupt that quite a bit. :)

    Also, don’t use the anti-bacterial stuff on a regular basis. As pointed out, it kills the “good” germs as well. Plus, sometimes the weaker germs prevent the more harmful germs from flourishing. A bit of dirt is good for you. ;)

  3. So… the solution is to get a herd of kids to train my immune system.


  4. Well it sounds like you’ve been leading a healthy life, good for you. I did similar last year but I got the damn swine flu, so something went wrong :-)

    Also this year I’ve been trying to get 8 hours sleep as much as poss and I feel better for that, even if I feel like I’m getting less gaming done (used to game late at night).

    Warning: when you have kids who go to school, they get ill a lot from other kids, then come home and cough on you and thus parents get ill more than non-parents.

  5. Maybe the reduction of “unhealthy” stuff like meat, alcohol and bacteria reduced the challenges for your immune system. You are doing sports (or something outdoors) and therefore train your muscles and heart circulation system. The immune system goes down when there is nothing to fight against, speak lack of training.

  6. * Washed my hands when I have been visiting public places
    * Drink hand wash anti-bacteria stuff. It’s actually very tasty and has lots of alcohol
    * Stopped drinking alcohol (beer doesn’t count as alcohol)
    * Ate less vegetables
    * Exercise regularly (when walking to the corridor to get more beer, but also when walking to the shop to buy more beer)
    * Minimize taking drugs (cigarettes don’t count as drugs)
    * Don’t smoke (except maybe only 1 cigarette every 15 minutes)
    * Keep my stress level low. Wouldn’t know what would stress me anyway
    * Not really caring about “not getting ill”
    * Complain more. Well, the world is still too buggy, so there’s a lot to complain about.

    Never been ill. I guess no virus can survive my lifestyle.

  7. Stop using “anti-bacteria stuff”. It’s not good for you. Sure it kills some bacteria, but many will survive… and those that will, become more resilient and dangerous. And just like David said before me – it kills the good guys, too.

  8. I had the same problem last year, I got sick a lot for apparently no good reason. I fixed it by making sure I ALWAYS get 8 hours of sleep each night. I’ve also found that oversleeping (EG: 9+ hours) actually causes me to feel more tired than if I got like 6 or 7 hours of sleep (has something to do with getting dehydrated in your sleep iirc)

    Also, apparently if you use that anti-bacterial stuff too often it kills the good bacteria on your hands which actually leaves you in a worse state than before.

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