Note to Self: Be Careful With Aprils Fool Stuff

Year ago (or so) I published this bounty hunting aprils fool website. I recently got a new email:

Hi my name is ****
Im from ******* ******** and Im *** old.I was wonder if I could get more info about how to get job as bounty hunter.

The reason i want to join your company is chasing criminals. The reason for it is people who try to live against the law always makes trouble for every single citizens and residents.
For example when people copy movies illegally and sell to other people it cause more money to the company who produce movie or software. even people who work illegally in united state cause problem. problem especially now a lot of citizens and residents needs job but they cant get job because of illegal worker. also united state without can live better.

I’m not sure if this guy is trying to fool me, but he did send me another email:

I have a question

If I find someone who work illegally does it count if i tell you guys


Unfortunately – due time constraints – my bounty hunting website cannot help with the US immigrant issues.

Also, Aprils Fool day is approaching again – just two weeks to go. I wonder what I can set up for that day…

P.S. This blog post is also a marketing campaign reminder…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I used to announce a fake game every April Fool’s day, usually involving some kind of pun on “The Shivah” (Like “The Shiva”, “The Shiver” and “The Shiv”). Ironically enough, they were always games that people actually wished they could play!

  2. If you’d had a bounty-hunting game to sell at the time it would have made a fantastic viral ad!

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