Co-Op Stealth Game Idea

I keep getting these ideas and one potential game I’d like to create would be a co-op stealth game. Game called Monaco won the IGF grand prize this year, and this sort of gave me additional boost of fate in this type of stealth games.

I did have this game idea before I had heard anything about Monaco, and my game idea is somewhat different from Monaco (where you have 4 thieves with different abilities, also the graphics would be very different from what I was thinking). I was checking in some Flash stealth games to see how they are doing things. Also did some research & watched some videos about the Tenchu console ninja stealth game. There isn’t really many PC games where you use stealth, much less in co-op form. This gave me idea about a stealth (solo or co-op) game for PC.

I was thinking Edoiki style here. Players could be ninjas working on secret assignments stealing or assassinating in missions. For example, while other guy lurks in shadows, the other makes noise to attract guards. After the guards leave their spot the lurker can sneak in the house and throw a rope from a window for the other ninja to climb up.

Resource wise this would require quite a bit of work and in case of co-op, some networking coding would be needed (not necessarily in such great detail as for example in FPS shooters, but something for sure).

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Sounds like a good idea. There are way too less co-op MP games out there anyway. When I play with a friend some LAN games, then deathmatch gets very boring very soon, and co-op is what gives you much more fun for long time.

  2. For some more examples of stealth games on the PC, check out Splinter Cell and Thief series if you haven’t already. And there’s some stealth elements in Deus Ex too. None of these are multi-player tho.

  3. Monaco looks really cool. Much along what I sometimes thought I would like to make… sort of Thief (which is one of my all time favourite games) with top-down view and (if at all possible) random generated levels… aahhh…

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