25 thoughts on “I Have a Pretty Good Reason Why I Haven’t Blogged For Couple of Days

  1. Juuso Post author

    No more sleep-ins? We have got 2 dogs for 4-5 years now. I don’t even remember what “sleep-ins” mean ;)

    Thanks Robbo.

  2. Juuso Post author

    Xena? Red Sonja? Alex? Lara Croft perhaps? :)

    I’ll think a bit about all this baby publicity stuff before I’ll get any info out. (I wonder if it’s possible for me not to show any pics ;))

    Thanks everybody (me+wife+girl+doggies are very grateful for all the support).

  3. Andy

    Xena or Red Sonja? Nooooo

    Something from FF would be better, like Tifa or Yuna. Or maybe Ashley after HAWP or Ash Williams from Mass Effect. Or Alex from HL? Agh, too much to choose from!

    Congrats btw!

  4. Juuso Post author

    Thanks everybody!

    @archatas: I wonder if some day in the distant future that “Epic Win” remark will make me smile as much as it does today :D

    @Leroy: One step at a time. First I need to teach her to use the PS3 sixaxis…


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