Best Browser Based Game You’ve Ever Played?

I haven’t played many browser based games. I only test some Flash games and forget them right away (there are tons of quality products though). I think Urban Dead has been a browser game that I kept playing for some time… until I forgot it too.

I think I’ve never paid a cent for these games, but I think I’ve clicked some ads some times.

At some point I played Mafia/Werewolf forum version in various places, but also stopped that.

What’s the best browser based game you’ve ever played? Have you paid for any of them (like purchased in-game items or whatnot)?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. My Tribe, it’s a Facebook game by Big Fish Games that I helped to make. It’s a next-gen FB game, looks more like a downloadable casual game than a flash game.

  2. QUAKE LIVE!!!! http://www.quakelive.com free Quake 3. 16 player multipler online….ONLINE MULTIPLAYER PPL….IN YOUR BROWSER!!!! KEEPS TRACK OF STATS AND U GET AWARDS…FULL CLAN SUPPORT..CANT BEAT IT

  3. I played RuneScape for years, and still check in for a few minutes or hours each week. It’s definitely played right in the browser, though it’s more heavyweight than flash minigames out there.

    Vanthia is a pretty cool project that I’ve been beta testing since sometime last year. Unfortunately it is currently stagnating but I’m keeping my eye on it; I think it got off to the right start, the developer has some good solid ideas about what he wants from it, and I have a feeling it will really be something in a year or two. Just wait. ;)

    I tend to avoid flash minigames though, they don’t really appeal to me. And Facebook games are typically spammy and annoying; I use Facebook to catch up with friends and share photos but I think games need to move to a separate place. I’m sure someone out there can create the “Facebook of games”, but Facebook is not it.

  4. Hi!

    I really like Evony and Ikariam. Omerta was the first web browser game I played!

    Now I play Castle Age on facebook… and yes, I already spent few bucks on these…

  5. @Dave: okay. sounds like they need to do some changes.

    @Alex: graphics seemed cool.. ;)

    @laurent: conartists sure have done some great flash games. Warfare games are cool too.

    @Katherine: eh… well, sounds pretty familiar.

  6. I pay in the form of whatever Kongregate is calling their proprietry money (I always think it is “Kongs” but then I remember that that isn’t it…) I spend this “money” solely on donating to a few games that I really like (and that seems like hardly anyone else will donate to, so not the big successes like Gemcraft). I also have disabled my adblocker on Kongregate, though I don’t click the ads, and if they started having lots of annoying flashy ones I’d probably turn it back on.

  7. I love the two games done by ConArtist of Armorgames. LOVE
    Warfare 1917 and Warfare 1944.
    Honorable mention to Bejeweled Blitz

  8. Nope though I usually never hang around that much. They sure knows how to make it tempting in Lord of Ultima. Basically since the game is so slow the upgrades are allowing to make it less painful, send more orders and such.

    But then again I’ll probably get bored before getting to the point of spending money. Seems like nothing’s happening and if something was to happen (player attacking me) just getting back units would take so much time that I’m not sure I’d be able to remain “in the mood of war” for long.

  9. Wow I forgot about Urban Dead, I was really into it for about two months.

    Strongly recommend Kingdom of Loathing, great sense of humor and lots of fun.

  10. Heh, Golemizer was easy to try. ;)

    Lord of Ultima I must check out. Archmage – I’ve heard good words about that game.

    Paid anything for these?

  11. *cough* Golemizer of course! ;)

    I too go back to Urban Dead from time to time. I just like how simple it is and how the community is doing so much with it.

    Currently checking out Lord of Ultima though it’s sooo slow.

    I used to play Archmage years ago. Closest thing to it now seems to be http://www.the-reincarnation.com/ though I haven’t check it.

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