Couple of More Game Ideas

One of the goals for my next weeks is to come up with several game ideas and then do some sort of prototype out of it (pen & paper proto is fine as well). I haven’t forgotten the earlier ideas, and right now I want to brainstorm and add as many ideas as I can.

Here’s some more ideas I’ve been pondering:

Morphing creatures – puzzle game
I wrote about puzzle games some days ago, and I’ve been thinking of this puzzle game which would be based on creatures that can morph and clone each other.

For example, if there’s a puzzle where you need to climb to a tree, you could clone your creature, bend down and control the other creature to climb the tree to get the key. The puzzles could have “expert status” which would challenge the player to “finish the level with only N number of clones”. Also, an online high scores could be there so that players could compete to “finish the level with minimal number of clones”.

The creatures could morph into different objects/forms (ranging from boxes to tree-like creatures to rolling creatures and more) which would be needed to solve the levels.

In a way, each level would be something that you simply cannot fail to solve (simply make 100 clones and at some point you’ll have enough creatures there to help you out)… but the real pros could try beat best scores.

“Why” game – philosophical adventure
10ish years ago I had this website where I put “why?” type of stuff. I wrote about why something happens. I wrote about why “Swedish classes felt like they never ended” or “why the school bus had some sort of weird light system”. I wrote tons of questions pondering everything about anything.

Now I was thinking of this game with 2 possible themes. First theme would be about creatures. You are born and lead to move boxes from place A to place B (that’s the mission of your life). At some point you might go asking other workers “why?” and eventually get into trouble. The game keeps asking more and more “why things happen” in this creature world (which of course reflects our real world situations). I don’t know how the game would end but perhaps it would awake people to think what they are doing in their lives. Might be interesting to proceed with this.

Tough choices – philosophical adventure
This is the second theme for the “why game”, but since the mood would be very dark I present this as an alternative idea.

Another theme could be real world. There the game would pose some tough black/white questions where your actions determine the fate of other people. The game would be played in split-screen view: left side would be about your situation, and the right side about the consequences. For example, if you vote for “yes, attack Iraq” then a civilian kills would be shown right. If you choose “ban weapons from home” you would be shown a screen showing how burglars enter people’s home (or alternatively, people shooting themselves accidentally at home). It might possibly be too dark and not sure if it would feel like propaganda (one way or another) but it might get people to think about their actions and perhaps show that there’s always several point-of-views for stuff.

Right now this theme seems too dark for my own mood (I’m so thrilled to have our cute lil baby girl), so I’ll skip this idea. Thought to share it anyway.

Tactical battle game
Reiner Knizia has created a cool game called Battle line. The idea is very simple (2 players, each player tries to form strong formations for his side). I feel that this idea could be expanded by adding collectible “deck building” and even thinking of doing an ice hockey game based on this, or perhaps some sort of cooperative (instead of competitive) game out of this.

I like the idea, and feel that something from this could be used to build something better and fancier.

Thieves – co-op stealth game
I mentioned this idea earlier but I’ve been thinking that this could be worth prototyping. In a very simple level there could be 2 players who need to steal a key card from one guard. The guard would kill players if they get caught, but if the players work cooperatively (one player distracting the guard, other hanging in ceiling ready to pick pocket the guard) they could solve the puzzle.

Zombie survival browser based game
Even though I like Urban Dead I think it’s missing some stuff. I have this idea about a small-scale zombie game where rounds could be faster (think of week for example): group of humans are fortifying a camp while group of zombies tries to get inside the building. There would be more visuals than what Urban Dead offers and players could gain experience points and purchase skills and stuff (which would be permanent). When player dies, he turns into a zombie (until the next round happens).

Not sure how fun this sounds but in my mind it does.

More stuff coming later (feel free to throw comments if you want).

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I hate that “plays itself”. Reminds me of that RPG that you could launch and it started playing itself. ;)

    Thanks for the tips though.

  2. FB 2D (or isometric) zombie game like popular flash barricading (and Dead Wake) games but with social elements, plays itself when you leave it alone (like My Tribe), you can buy extra stuff to advance quicker etc. It’s a winner. Probably shouldn’t talk about it in case we make it ;-p

  3. Q. Did I mention the browser-based zombie game to you? Only I think it’s a great idea because I came up with it myself several months ago. Do it.

  4. Very interesting some ideas, I like first one and last one, with zombies.. :)

  5. Honestly, the I think the co-op thievery game sounds the most unique. But there would be some major hurdles to overcome in the communications department, especially if it becomes predominately a puzzle-type game (players working together to pull of more and more difficult heists). The greater the complexity, the greater the need for clear and easy collaboration between the players. Could be a really awesome game, I can just see a level where players pull off a job on Fort Knox.

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