Week #1 Game Dev Daddy Insight

It’s been about a week now after the birth of our first baby girl and I’m dotting down some insight on what kind of impact this has caused to my game development. I’m currently working on brainstorming the idea, so no coding has been going on. This might be interesting for game devs who have their own babies… but also in a general level for people who think that after having a baby one has no time left for anything else.

Myth #1 broken – there is time!
After getting our baby girl home I’ve been doing more vacooming, dishwashing and diapery stuff I’ve never done before. There’s tons of stuff that needs to be taken care in order for the world’s most lovable poo factory to function.

This might suggest that I have no time for anything else.

That’s sort of true… but sort of also very untrue.

The fact is that when much of my “own time” has vanished in a thin air, I notice that I do very little useless stuff anymore. No more brainlessly surfing the web. No more brainless TV staring sessions. No more “I’ll check email once – 24th time now – more for today”. In a way, many of the stuff mentioned in the blog post 100 ways to be more productive comes true naturally, since there’s simply no more time to do fool around.

Myth #2 – sleep pattern can be changed after all!
I’ve always been a good sleeper and can take naps anywhere, anytime. My lil cute creature of joy and happiness sleeps well but she also needs to be fed night time (and of course change clean diapers and stuff). This means my sleep pattern is totally changed.

That’s something I’ve simply need to live with. Instead of sleeping one long sleep, I’ll have two medium sleep session and then perhaps nap sometime during the day. This has worked so far pretty well.

Myth #3 – one can get past all the ugly tasks
I don’t need to reinvent the wheel (and the horse and the carriots). There’s already tons of stuff that helps baby & mom & dad. There’s all sorts of feeding cushions, carry-the-baby-while-you-walk-thingies among other goodies. There’s tons of new things to learn while growing our baby but luckily many other people have gone through the same issues earlier. We can get past all the seemingly ugly tasks (aka “how the heck I change the diapers?”)

You see any similarities with this and game development?

So do I.

Not so much of a myth #4 but I say this anyway – re-think solo dev
I’ve always been a lone wolf developer – wanting to do my things my way. When taking care of the baby, it’s a huge aid to have two people on board. 1+1 equals at least 83 in baby stuff.

As a “game dev daddy” now, I really will give a second thought on finding an artist to work with. I can handle programming side, and the other member of our team could handle the artistic side. There’s a “few” of more things to handle ranging from game design all the way up to the marketing, but my gut feeling is that for production it might make sense in my situation to think of finding an artist to work with.


Over and out. I’ll see if there’s more game dev lessons from the baby after 2nd week.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Congratulations Juuso !
    I really like to see someone shares my opinion on these myths. I have myself became a daddy three months ago. And while it’s true that your child will require a lot of your time, it will also provide you with a great deal of joy and inspiration. My game-dev motivation has only grown, and I could never describe having a baby by using an exaggerated and an overall negative statements.

  2. Sounds like good advice to me! Things change on a weekly basis with babies too, so being adaptable is key.

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