Coolest April Fool Pranks

About seven thousand years ago when I was a kid, I remember reading about a gaming news about “Quake can be played in your television”. There was detailed explanation how to wake up at 6:00 am and tune tv into certain channel. Well, I did that and maybe like 6:15 I was still pondering why all I see is noise and could not play Quake there.

Well, later I figured out that it was an april fools prank.

Any cool april fool pranks you’ve seen/experienced/heard?

7 thoughts on “Coolest April Fool Pranks

  1. Funny, there’s a project to port Quake 2 to the browser with pure HTML5 and JavaScript. Except this apparently isn’t April Fools, despite the developer blog entry being released on April 1.

    Developer blog entry:

    Ars Technica news entry:

    Wolfire blog entry, where I first heard of it:

  2. Ign made a trailer for a “halo movie” and i got fooled by that and then like half way through thought this isnt reall :( luckily it was quite funny.

  3. They fooled me. I tried to find this guy for several hours following rumor instructions!

  4. @hermitC: I wonder who was fooling who :D

  5. today i tried to add to my wishlist the iPad arcade at

    the idea of having a mini arcade is really cool :( i want one

  6. Best April Fool’s gag related to games ever: Shen Long ( )