Maybe I’m Onto Something Now

Today I’ve been thinking of combining some of my game ideas into a cooperative browser game. I was thinking samurai theme (zombies could work too) where players would have different roles and they could gain experience to raise “levels” (sounds pretty “it’s been done 700 million times in the past” but me likes it). Players could choose from different roles and they would need to cooperatively be victorious in raids to receive accomplishments.

Game would combine something from the “zombie browser game” (platform, “rpg” aspects) but also from the “tactical battle” idea I had (=stole from Knizia) which would require players to cooperate in order to beat raids.

In a really short summary, I was thinking a game where players would be able to design new raids (“mod” the game so to speak), play anywhere/anytime (browser based), cooperate with friends (certain combos/healing/stuff like that would be designed so that friend aid is required) and it could have leveling options (rpg elements to help grow your character in the way you want).

Besides one aspect (cooperation), these elements don’t perhaps sound so new but the vision I have and the feeling I have about this idea makes me bit more confident to do more playtesting for this idea.

Maybe I’m onto something now.

Engine is what troubles me and I’m now pondering whether indeed a browser version could be possible to create from this. I need to sketch down some gameplay elements and see if I can knock together a brief gameplay demo to see how all this works together.

Not much of a “pratical game dev tip” here in this blog post, but let’s say that following your gut feeling might be just what I need.

Maybe I indeed am on to something here.

P.S. Is “steampunk samurai zombies” as one possible theme too way over one’s head?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. You might want to have a peak at http://www.hordes.fr/ which is cooperative zombie survival game by the -successful- french studio MotionTwin (yeah i know i make a lot of reference to the french scene, but i’m french it’s what i know the most :D )

    It’s a good idea, i like the concept.

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