I Found One Artist, Not Sure If He Is Skilled Enough Though

After blogging yesterday about finding an artist I got this urge to doodle something on paper. I “borrowed” (that’s a nice way to say “I copied his art”) a creature design from Kwanchai Moriya and started drawing something on paper. And then using my computer & GIMP to put some pixels and colors together.

I ended up drawing these lil’ chaps here.

Look, they can even bloody animate:

And with awesome background coloring:

I might give this guy (= that would be me) a test run and do something and see how this turns out. My skills are probably at least enough for some prototyping.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Arowx: I actually used gimp “pixelate” filter after drawing sharp edges. Darker eyes indeed would be needed.

  2. There is hope for me yet then!

    Did you use alpha transparency around the characters edges?

    I think he might need slightly darker/brigher eyes?

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