I Found One Artist, Not Sure If He Is Skilled Enough Though

After blogging yesterday about finding an artist I got this urge to doodle something on paper. I “borrowed” (that’s a nice way to say “I copied his art”) a creature design from Kwanchai Moriya and started drawing something on paper. And then using my computer & GIMP to put some pixels and colors together.

I ended up drawing these lil’ chaps here.

Look, they can even bloody animate:

And with awesome background coloring:

I might give this guy (= that would be me) a test run and do something and see how this turns out. My skills are probably at least enough for some prototyping.

5 thoughts on “I Found One Artist, Not Sure If He Is Skilled Enough Though

  1. @Arowx: I actually used gimp “pixelate” filter after drawing sharp edges. Darker eyes indeed would be needed.

  2. Thanks for the links.

  3. I use this guy (http://antongustilo.com/) he does great work and very affordable.

  4. I can recommend http://www.afmgames.com/ if you’re still looking.

    Communication is great (most important point for me when it comes to artists), they are affordable and always delivered quality work.

    You can take a look at the screenshots section of http://www.blimpwarsonline.com/ to have an idea of what they have done for me.

  5. There is hope for me yet then!

    Did you use alpha transparency around the characters edges?

    I think he might need slightly darker/brigher eyes?