Mute Button, Please

I really enjoy how Valve has done player voice communication stuff in their games (like in Half life 2 – and the mods). You have good in-game voice system but also the possibility to mute or select how to use the microphone.

Well, this is not the case in EA’s NHL ’10 for PS3.

Yesterday I thought to play one match and it was pretty good game, except that I don’t remember anything else than the “yoohoo” sound that one of the players kept saying every now and then. When the game was about to begin, somebody was saying “yoohoo” (with a high pitch) in the game. When there was a first face-off, I could hear “yoohoo”. After the first goal, another “yoohoo” took place. After the first period, again this bloody “yoohoo” came there. (If you’ve seen Ace Ventura 2 movie, where Ace was doing those “yoohoo” sounds in the presentation room you might get the picture about how this sounds).

Bloody annoying, and I have no clue how to mute that guy when the game is going. In Valve’s games they tell you (1) who said the thing and (2) give you the possibility to mute him. In NHL ’10, you are left with the only possibility to rant about in your blog about the lack of the mute button.

Well, enough ranting for today. Prototyping has been going well and I believe I have something to show shortly*.

Juuso Hietalahti