Stop Faster, Higher, Stronger

One strange phenomenon that has been bouncing inside my head is the thinking of “I want/need/must/should/would/will release a game this year”. When my cute baby girl arrived in our house, I have stopped to think things through. I was still bit anxious to “get a new project done” but the more I stopped to think things through, the more calm I started to feel.

Yesterday I stopped stopping, and knocked together some prototyping based on game ideas I had. I actually don’t know yet what will come out of this and what platform this will be (or what theme) but I’m using my cute monster warriors to help me out.

This is prototyping the actual challenge in the game, and the actual roles could at this point be pretty much anything (from zombie survivors to samurais to chi masters to whatnot). Now the first aim is to test how the conflict could work out.

Stop sign
Instead of trying to run, for me it felt good to stop. It feels good to look for the right direction and test the waters a bit before jumping in the pool.

Sort of makes sense in real life too.

Juuso Hietalahti