Weeks #2 – #3 Game Dev Daddy Insight

I was about to write my experiences with the newcomer, and I thought it was time to write week #2 post. Then I realized that geesh, this newcomer has been here for 3 weeks already.

This gets me to my first point.

Fact #1 – Time flies
With such a cute lil creature around, time just flies.

Fact #2 – Ownership is cool and this applies to game dev
Think of a following job, where you need to:

  • change poo/wee diapers 6-8 times a day (and night)
  • vacuum the mansion and wipe the dusts every other day
  • prepare food for the clan
  • sleep infrequently
  • take out the garbage every day
  • not getting paid (in fact, you pretty much pay to do all this)
  • among tons of other stuff there just is

And so on. Over and over, day after day, night after night.

Any sensible person wouldn’t do this. I wouldn’t.

But, now add “ownership” (sort of*) and things change. Now it’s about me and my stuff. And everything is fun. Modding, good RPGs know how to give “ownership” to people. By letting players to create something, a much stronger experience can be created.

It can be as simple as letting player name the character.

Which games have done this well. Can you name a game where you really took “ownership” over things and it made the game better to play? Fallout series comes to my mind first.

*I don’t consider “owning” my baby but perhaps my point is understood.

Juuso Hietalahti


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