Picking Some Thing

Recently, I wrote about engine stuff and was pondering which engine to use. Whether I should do multiplayer and also added something about mmo, in addition for thinking of finding an artist and so on.

Meanwhile, I was doing some brainstorming for game ideas and preparing the design in my head.

I got to a point where I wanted to code something (after some basic “I try play part of the game using sheet of paper and a pen”) and decided to simply pick BlitzMax for the prototype and go forward. At this point I don’t know what platform I will use, but I’m familiar with Bmax so it was a pretty good thing to pick for some prototyping.

This might seem like a pretty obvious (“for prototypes, pick some tool you are familiar with”) but sometimes obvious things go unnoticed… because they are so obvious.

For me this somewhat works and I’ve encountered certain game design challenges, which has taken me back to poo walks and some pen & paper sketching (it’s so much faster to write & try some ideas on paper compared to coding them).

And the best part is that I feel no pressures from anywhere: I’m enjoying this whole thing, having fun, and have a feeling that I’m onto something good here.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’m looking forward for statistics. If this is possible at all due to its sponsorship nature.

  2. I’ll write a follow-up on Dead Wake. And no, it does not pay the bills, I still need to do outside gaming work.

    Regarding pressureless: I think it more as… “trying to force myself onto something” works perhaps worse than “getting into flow & going with the flow”. It’s slightly hard to explain, but perhaps I’ll do a follow-up on this as well.

  3. The initial phases of game projects seem to be the best, excluding the sound of cash rushing into your bank account :)

    Your pressureless situation made me thinking about Dead Wake: How does it work for you after its completion? Does it pay the bills?

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