Damn You Wrist

My mouse hand wrist is feeling slightly ill. Jinxed. Bad.

I remember when I was like 15 or so (and had been coding a tool that would predict ice hockey results) I got this sore wrist. I think I had to support the wrist with other hand (heh) in order to being able to code.

Over a decade later, I’m giving in.

I’ll simply stop using the mouse for the evening. Tomorrow it’ll be better. Less jinxed. Good.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Always bet on the trend! I like play to roulette and I make it a habit of doubling down on a win. It amazes me how often the number hits again.

  2. @hermitC: that won’t work :P – that’s broken idea. because like you know… “how many reds has came earlier” does not affect “what will be next”. If I roll dice and get seven hundred 6, the next throw still has 1/6 change of being number six. O:)

    tennis wrist band: not a bad idea! :)

  3. try tennis wrist bands or even better athletics supports for your wrist available from your chemist and read how to use them properly (
    pull them deep into hand) whenever you feel a twinge just reach for them works for me every time and i never have to change hands

  4. @juuso:
    I’m interested in this because I made a roulette color prediction/betting software myself. In an online casino it measured how often red or black came in a row and bet on the opposite color when a predefined row length was reached. Example: 4x black in a row leads to a bet on black in the 5th run.

    Finally statistics theory and a loss of too much money told me that there is no way for getting rich by playing Roulette.
    Being an authist and playing black jack would be the better solution. ;)

  5. Break did the trick – wrist better than ever now. I’ll get be fine for the next 15 years.

    @hermitC: Well, the ice hockey prediction system was such that I recorded match results (how many goals teams got). I also recorded how teams were doing home/away. Then when new matches happened, the system predicted how many goals each team would do. It worked horribly bad. :P

  6. I never got mouse hand pain, although maybe my clicking finger was a bit sore after certain click heavy games. But I did get pretty bad left hand from WASD keys every night for um years. Fixed that by taking break and also using a smart glove.

  7. Permanently change how you mouse. I can be on the computer all day at work and all day at home with no problems. Sometimes I need padding under my wrist because I lean on the desk too hard, but that’s it.

  8. I switched to the other hand, then that wrist went too. Check out the bamboo pen tablets, or use a laptop with a touchpad mouse, no sore wrist anymore. If this persists, GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR. I waited too long.

  9. I got a logitach marblemouse trac ball. It’s definitely saved me from the wrist hurt disease. I can never go back to mouse and when I try I can’t see how I ever did it in the first place.

  10. Hope your wrist feels better tomorrow. Bathing your hand in warm water may help.

    Does the ice hockey prediction software work? I’m wondering how this works.

  11. I’ve had the problem from time to time. I always switch mouse hands. It’s weird at first, but you get the hang of it.

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