I’m a Hoarder

When I wanted to learn about the Unity game engine, I hoarded everything possible about it, as fast as I could get (out of pure curiosity and for fun). I read tons of tutorials, forums stuff, tested some Unity games, even read one book about development, tried some things on my own. I think all this happened in a very short time period (talking about weeks) while doing some other stuff.

This is the same when I get interested about some computer (or board) game. I read tons of reviews online, print some to read them offline. Check videos… all in a very short time period.

I’m like that: when I want to learn new things, I want to get tons of information and absorb everything possible as soon as possible.

The good side of course is that, when I’m really motivated to learn something new I can get the basics pretty quick. The bad side on the other hand…

Well, hmm. I think there’s no bad sides. Not when hoarding stays in a sensible level.

It’s good to be a hoarder.

Are you like this?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. My bookmarks have gone from computer to computer and become a warren of half broken links. Of course, with the Internet Archive (http://www.archive.org/), you can still visit some of those sites.

    On a related note, perhaps you could share some of the more interested Unity-related sites you found? They’re working with Unity at my current work, and a primer might be nice. I always appreciate it if someone else has spent the time sifting through stuff to find the real gems.


  2. I used to hoard certain kinds of physical objects (and I still hoard computer games on various platforms). But when I moved continent, I deliberately got rid of loads of stuff so we didn’t have to store or ship much, it felt good once I got over my initial trepidation.

  3. I’m a pure digital hoarder:

    Bookmarking every resource which seems to help, downloading papers and images for guidance and inspiration, watching every video which may help. Thank god Firefox has a bookmark search. If you work this way avoid plugin “Read it later” ( http://bit.ly/17zDJP ). You will tag everything!

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