Can You Concentrate? (I Mean Really, Really Concentrate So Well That’s It Annoying)

I can.

I’m sort of the Master of the Universe when it comes to concentration. It’s like sinking into a vampire daytime sleep type of trance.

Here’s some examples:

  • I can sleep on sofa while radio or tv or other apparatuses are on.
  • I can read Donald Duck comic books while eating and totally sink into trance where nobody can wake me up. After series of questions I just say “Huh? Did you ask something?”
  • I can stare computer screen – and code 110% well – without realizing that somebody just cleaned the room*.

Only a cold, wet dog rhinarium touching my calf can wake me up.

This might be annoying to others (who might have something to ask from me)… but at least there’s some benefits on the “getting stuff done” side.

How’s your concentration?

* I can concentrate pretty well as long as they keep the vacuum cleaner far, far away.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Brian: that hyperfocus & better half story sounds so familiar.

    @Jake: yeh… “countryside here we come?”

  2. I’ve found many programmer types I know (including me) have the ability to “hyperfocus”, especially when coding. In this state, you kind of shut out the outside world. My better half learned that she needs to make sure she has my complete attention if she asks something while I’m working at the computer. What’s worse is that I’ve learned to automatically make the little sounds that make it sound like I’m listening, so if you don’t know that I’m hyperfocused, you might think I really was listening.

    I’m not sure sleeping has much to do with it. I find it hard to get to sleep if there’s something unexpected going on (like a strange noise, etc.), but once I’m asleep I’m often hard to wake back up.

  3. Wish I didn’t sleep so light. Would have been useful in caveman times, but is not now when living in a city with a house full of noisy kids and pets.

    I can concentrate ultra well in peace and quiet for long periods, but noise does distract me such as people talking at work.

  4. @hermitC: I’m no alarm state. My computer could be robbed and I would not notice a thing. Even when I was coding..

    @spunkmeyer: yeh, naturally… :)

  5. Pretty good while on the comp or watching movie much to the annoyance of my wife.

    But I sleep light.

  6. It really depends! If the project is something I really like, it is no problem to concentrate.

    But if its something I don’t like but I have to do, even if it is a part of something I like, I am getting distracted very easily.

  7. Concentration works well but my senses are always in alarm state. Sleeping only works in dark rooms. When light beams hit my eyelids I’m awake, no matter what.

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