Ditching Idea #1, Trying Idea #2

Out of the game ideas I got, I tried prototyping one (tactical battle / army building game) but somehow the idea doesn’t feel so good on computer screen. When you are having some physical cards in your hand, and making choices – it’s a different feeling doing it on screen and the computer version has the problem of evolving into a fast clicking experience.

I decided to ditch the first idea and see what the I could bake from the co-op stealth idea. Interestingly, yesterday’s blog post about the C64 Bruce Lee game animation somehow made me think that I could use similar art in my game. In fact, that would solve the budget issue quite easily (me thinks that sort of art is much cheaper to do than – well – many other type of art).

Also, I keep thinking how I want that co-op experience – it’s what I like in games. Therefore I’m going to do some prototyping for 2 player (online multiplayer) stealth game. It’s my aim to make stuff work so that you really need to cooperate with the other to solve the levels.

I started thinking if I should use some existing multiplayer engine but I decided to ditch that idea for now. I’ll just pick something I know and will do some simple prototyping with BlitzMax.

Also, going to try either drawing some art on my own.

We’ll see what comes out of this.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Not a bad idea, although here my attempts to bring something new via computer version just didn’t cut it. It’s slightly difficult to explain, but perhaps it’s good to be summarized as “the prototype didn’t get me thrilled”.

  2. What if you tried a tactical game where you *were* using cards in hand? Perhaps that you’re playing a board game from the player’s perspective, except your armies are real. Sort of a “God’s playthings” approach.

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