Spare Parts Clutter My House

I wonder if I should do something sensible with the stuff I’ve collected. For example, I have totally good 20″ ViewSonic extra monitor at home since I bought a 24″ screen to replace the old one. Now I don’t know where to put this. Or who would buy this.

I also have spare routers, adsl modem (or modems), printer, motherboard, old gpu etc. etc. et cetera.

Do you guys get rid of the old stuff when you replace your gear with newer one? Mine seems to stay floating here.

(Anyone fancy buy some stuff from me?)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Charity is one good option, web auction is another. I always try to auction all my stuff that works on huuto.net (the Finnish ebayish site) with small enough prices and strict enough policies to make it easy on me. The rest goes to the recycling center, at least in Helsinki they accept any electronic device and figure out if it works by themselves.

  2. Charity is a good option.

    Otherwise i keep everything, i’ve almost everything needed to built an other computer (missing a case and a valid hard drive). Probably gonna use it to built a home server.

    And like Bob, if a friend needs a piece and i have it, i give it away.

  3. The local government here just had an “e-waste recycling” effort. We took in a bunch of our old parts that were never going to be used again. For example, the ISA sound card. :P

    Or, is there a charity nearby? Not sure how it is in your country, but in the U.S. sometimes schools will take donations of items that aren’t too outdated.

  4. Using it as a second monitor is a good idea. My dual monitor setup is indispensable. :D Or, you could use that spare motherboard, and some of your other parts to build a digital picture frame. That’s what I’d do. :D

  5. i would connect the 20″ monitor to your current pc … i love dual/multi Monitor setups.
    i typically keep the “old” stuff if i get new things. you newer know when you need it ;)
    sometimes family and/or friends ask around if someone has i don’t know what and if i have a spare item i give it to them

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