How to Handle Wireless Networking Issues

I bought PlayStation 3 some time ago. It was the reason why I started to set up a proper wireless networking stuff in my home. Since we have 2 floors, and the router is located in the lower floor and the PS3 in the upper floor, there’s some issues to ensure the signal is good.

First, I bought a better antenna to replace the basic router antenna. This was a pretty cheap upgrade (30 eur) and made the signal somewhat better, but I wanted more. I bought a wireless airstation which I connected to the adsl modem. This made the signal bit better again, but I was still not happy.

I knew that the store would have one more upgrade available, but then I got a better idea.

I went and bought 20 meter RJ-45 cable, some “make the cord stay nicely on the walls” nails and a hammer.

100 hammer hits later I got a cord coming from downstairs to upstairs. I threw away the airstation and just decided to use PS3 with a cord.

Cave man era style, but works bloody well.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Thanks for the tip Ricket. Will try this in case I’ll need to set up better wireless. Current thing works fine for web browsing (like happening right now ;)) and stuff but for PS3 gaming… the wire option just is somewhat more reliable.

  2. Fun fact: wireless signal is best when the wireless emitter (router, etc.) is highest. Obviously you are all set now, but if you find a reason for it in the future, move your wireless router upstairs, get wireless devices for whatever was plugged into it downstairs, and enjoy the perfect signal.

    I don’t know the technical details about this. I just know from experience, a router should be upstairs no matter what.

    I guess it’s because half of a router’s downstairs signal is just being absorbed by the ground, but if you move it upstairs the “upper half” of the signal can get reflected off the roof/ceiling maybe?

  3. I solved my problem using a combination via switches.

    1 modem
    2 switches with built in router (1 per floor)
    2 wireless stations (1 per floor)

    Upstairs is hardlinked to downstairs which is hardlinked to modem. Each switch has a wireless station attached for that floor along with each port going to a cabled connection in different rooms/areas as I needed.

    Having the wireless still available allows for wireless only/preferred devices to also connect on each floor (iPhone/iPod Touch, PSP, Wii, ereaders, visiting laptops) or when all wired connections are in use.

  4. The signal was fine for net surfing with laptop, but for online gaming… I’m bit of a perfectionist :)

  5. I know someone who has done exactly what Andy Peill is suggesting and it’s made a total difference to the strength of the signal only 2 rooms away!

    I think Wireless is a bigger problem in older houses with those thick walls – in my flimsy pre-fab like house I don’t get any problems…

  6. With wireless i saw something on tv the other day where you can make a foil wall behind the router to direct the radio waves towards your required destination… still need to try it myself, but they said it worked…

  7. I’m wondering that the standard wireless signal could not overcome one floor.

    Some years ago my father used to connect its PC in the loft with an endless network cable like yours. He did not mind mounting it anywhere. He just opened windows in the loft and the first floor and threaded the cabled through them between PC and router. Surfing the internet in winter was not recommendable in those days.

    Anyway, nice “keep it simple” post :)

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