I’ve Never Seen This Sort of Persistence

I’m talking about this lil chap who arrived in our house bit over a month ago.

Babies are very determined and persistent. If they need to get their diaper changed, that happens. If they are hungry, they get food. If they need to sleep – well, they first wake up everybody else and make sure somebody comes to help. If they need attention, they make sure they get it. That’s pretty amazing for a creature that can pretty much only cuddle, smile, cry and wave their limbs (in a totally awesome and cool way of course).

There’s just one 2 tools they use:

  • Crying
  • Crying louder

(And of course super-extra-mega-unresistable cuteness.)

They are very determined to get their one thing, and then they put 110% focus to get it – and eventually they do.

I’m not sure what happened in my life, but somewhere after the baby age I stopped doing this. If I want something, I usually use the zen-attitude to get it (which works pretty nicely)… but I wonder if I should learn more from my baby. She is so determined to get what she wants.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I know Juuso,
    My friend told me that if you go out of bed the instant you hear her cry, you will pay for that later when she grows.
    I am not sure how it goes and on what ages, but he told me something like that.

  2. You also need to set bounds, if you do everything your kids wants you to do, then you are up to a lot of hard times. I think, I am not sure because I am not a parent. But it’s something my parent friend told me about.

  3. @Sargon: I disagree! Babies HAVE only one tool for communication. Instead of letting them cry, teach them words! They are the most helpless beings and parents should give them what they need.

  4. I am not a parenting expert, but I think you somtimes need to let them cry a bit. If you take care of them every time they cry, they learn that crying is an effective tool to make you do what they want.

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